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Demon Armor: Incursio was an Armor-type Teigu that took on the form of a short sword with a chain link tassel in its sealed form. Once released, the user was enveloped in full-body armor.


Incursio was created from the flesh of Tyrant, a Super Class Danger Beast. It was a prototype for what would later become Grand Chariot. The Danger Beast's power was so great that its flesh is still alive within the armor, giving the Teigu the title of "Demon Dragon Armor." In the past, Incursio once belonged to a high-ranking Imperial Army officer and martial arts expert by the name of Gensei, who was also Bulat's master, and later came into Bulat's possession and was used during his time under General Liver, up until his mission against the Three Beasts with Tatsumi, when he passed it on to him upon his inevitable death. Both Bulat and Incursio were so well-known that Wave, upon seeing the Incursio-clad Tatsumi, mistook him for the late 100-Man Slayer in spite of the recent change in form.


Due to its origins as the Danger Beast Tyrant, Incursio possessed an aptitude for adaptation and evolution. Aside from its standard capabilities, it continued to evolve as the result of battles against several opponents, gaining new forms and abilities as time goes on. Due to being body armor, Incursio had a near-indestructible defense with the only thing able to pierce it being other Teigu. The armor also greatly enhanced the user's physical abilities such as speed, strength, and agility. The users of Incursio were also able to wield a long spear or halberd-like weapon called "Neuntote", which was capable of cutting through Danger Beasts with ease.

Trump Card[]

The armor's trump card was the ability to turn the user invisible for a certain amount of time, depending on the skill of the user. As noted, a weakness of the invisibility was that while it masked the user visually from the naked eye, it did not hide their "presence," allowing skilled opponents to sense the user despite them being invisible.

Adaptation and Evolution[]

Its ability to evolve was also shown on several occasions. Once Tatsumi inherited Incursio, the Teigu went through an evolution in order to adapt to Tatsumi's fighting style and to exceed its previous limitations. The armor that enveloped him was noticeably less bulky than it was previously on Bulat in order to fit Tatsumi's agile form. Tatsumi was able to sense that the armor, after its evolution, had new abilities that he had yet to discover. One example was the ability for Incursio to manifest the head of the Tyrant from any point on the armor to deflect bladed weapons, protecting the user from an otherwise decapitating blow.

This was shown again in the second battle against Esdeath when Tatsumi pushed the armor to its limits, with assuming a new form. In this form, the armor was more segmented, had a more savage, reptilian-based shape with claws on the gauntlets and feet, as well as a secondary pair of eyes on the helmet and the Neuntote spear was much larger than before. As with this evolution, Tatsumi's speed and strength were even greater and the armor could now resist the effects of Esdeath's Demon's Extract and even its Trump Card: Mahapadma and Budo's lightning-based attacks. However, because Tatsumi forced Incursio to evolve rapidly to increase his strength, Incursio started to manifest in one of Tatsumi's eyes. After being examined by a doctor, he revealed that the armor has started to bond with him. He also stated that after a few years, Tatsumi could use it without overdoing it like Bulat. Now at the risk of being devoured by Incursio, Tatsumi could only transform 3-4 more times before Incursio consumes him. After countless usages of the Teigu, Incursio could only be invoked once more before it assimilates its host completely. With each successive transformation, its user emulated more and more draconian qualities. First, giving Tatsumi half of Tyrant's face and horns only to regress into more moderate facial patterns. Secondly, sprouting horns, scales, claws and reptilian features on his hands.

Its ability to evolve only strengthened after it fused to its host. During the battle with the altered Cosmina, Incursio gained an immunity to poison due to the trap Honest had set. After sustaining critical injuries fighting against Shikoutazer in its Purge Mode, the Teigu seemed to have gained a regenerative capability actually mending both the armor and Tatsumi's destroyed anatomy, giving him newfound wings as well.

Incursio's armor also evolved again as Tatsumi and Wave battled the Supreme Teigu. As Tatsumi sensed that he still wasn't strong enough to damage Shikoutazer, he forced the armor to grow once more. This version was bulkier, the helmet was almost identical to Tyrant's head and received a massive boost in power.

After the final evolution, Tatsumi was strong enough to destroy Shikoutazer, with momentary help from Wave. However, he lost control multiple times during the battle and only held on due to remembering Bulat and his advice. With this, he managed to gain control of this evolution.

Tatsumi's appearance inside the armor changed once more. Scales covered his entire body and his sclera became black. His mouth became dragon-like, possessing sharp and jagged teeth. Tatsumi no longer looked human but reached the pinnacle of his strength. As the Emperor scanned the rebel in the battle, he noted that even the system doesn't recognize Tatsumi as a human being. With this evolution, he was able to destroy Shikoutazer with two hits, the second one piercing through the giant's weakened area.

Incursio, however, posed an imminent threat for those users who managed to draw out the second evolution. In order to be revived, the inner Danger Beast started to overpower the user and transformed into its former dragon form with whatever traits the user decided to have.






  • Incursio is Latin for "Invasion."
  • Neuntote, the name of the spear, is German for "Nine Dead People."
  • In the omake segments, Akame ga Kill! Theater Incursio is portrayed as an action figure called "Incursio DX."


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