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The Incineration Squad was one of the many covert units employed by The Empire as one of its covert black ops units. True to its name, the main reason for the squad's existence is that it is the unit primarily assigned missions to completely and utterly incinerate any target assigned to them and commit wide scale arson massacres, with them having been implied to have be assigned missions whose primarily objectives was to destroy entire towns, villages and even cities and massacre all of its inhabitants.


During the corrupt reign of the Prime Minister Honest, the Incineration Squad was stated to have been frequently deployed to destroy numerous towns, villages and cities around the Empire due to the frequent rebellions and uprising erupting due to the Prime Minister's corruption brining widescale civil unrest and unhappiness to the nation.

And due to the rise of the Revolutionary Army, its been stated by Chelsea and later admitted by Bols that the Incineration Squad was primarily deployed to completely incinerate any settlement within the Empire even suspected of assisting the Rebellion, with the squad completely and utterly decimating entire towns and cities and killing all of its inhabitants and not sparing or even bothering to differentiate civilians from Revolutionary Army members in order to insure that anyone that could possibly be affiliated with the army is killed off.

The Squad was also noted to sometimes work with the Empire's Assassin Units during missions.


The members of the Incineration Squad are;


As seen during the events of Akame Ga Kill!Zero, The Incineration Squad was shown to have worked together with the Group of Terror and the Elite Seven in its various mission in the shadows to assist the Empire.

During the aftermath of the Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons operation to eliminate the Oarburgh Clan, Bols was sent to help transport the badly injured Akame back to the Capital to provide her with medical care.

Later during the large scale operation of the Group of Terror and the Elite Seven to eliminate the Bandits of Mount Hakuba, who were in truth members of the Revolutionary Army, the Incineration Squad was also sent to provide them with further back up to eliminate the major rebel forces.

In order to lure the bandits out of their mountain fortress, the Incineration Squad was assigned to completely incinerate the nearby city close to the mountain and slaughter its inhabitants. This having also been done in order to insure that any sympathizer or bandit member hiding out in the city would be eliminated as well.


Due to them being a specialized unit, the Squad has stated to have several unique techniques used by its members.

  • Flame Resistance: As stated by Bols, as part of their training into the Squad, its members have been trained to be extremely resistant to fire and intense heat.
  • Danger Beast Taming:Bols was shown to ride a large flaming rodent type Danger Beast said to be a specially tamed and bred beast used by the Incineration Squad.