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Kouken Disciples

A group of Imperial Fist disciples

Imperial Fist (皇拳, kōken) is a style of martial arts taught in the Empire.

The practitioners of this art are known to train at a temple (皇拳寺, kōkenji) that the Four Rakshasa Demons are associated with, the Demons themselves also versed in hand-to-hand combat. This temple is considered to be the best school of martial arts in the Empire. They apparently have a ranking system and high respect for their masters, as seen when a group of disciples went after Wild Hunt to avenge their master and his family that Syura's group had killed, even if it meant breaking the law. There appear to be several skill levels of Imperial Fist mastery; Kalbi claimed to have the ninth level. Most disciples and associates have been seen wearing the same type of black lower leg and forearm armor.

Known practitioners[]