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Ibara was one of the Four Rakshasa Demons, a group of executioners who serve the Prime Minister. He was killed by Akame.


Ibara was a large man about one time the height of a normal human with a muscled build, wearing shorts similar to that of a Muay Thai Combatant. He had an ghostly-white skin with red seams and markings around the top of his head which resemble stitches. His hair was long and braided into two long strands at the bottom, with long bangs framing each side his face that can stretches through his body like an tentacle . His eyes were abnormal, with fully black sclera and blue pupils. There were dark markings or tattoos visible on his face and body. Similar to his fellow Rakshasa Demons, Ibara also wore armor plating on his forearms.


Ibara seemed to have a cocky and bloodthirsty personality, nearly attacking Seryu upon the first meeting of the Demons and the Jaegers. He admonished Seryu for her skepticism of the Four Demon's abilities, and told her that she and the Jaegers should "Just sit back and drink wine in this mansion."


Nothing was known of Ibara's time before joining the Rakshasa Demons.

Ibara and his companions came to help Elite Seven to defeat Oarburgh clan. When other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven started ambush, Ibara alongside with Suzuka and Akame fought Cassandra. Ibara and Suzuka bought time Akame, so she could go after Merraid. Cassandra was too strong and they needed help of other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven other members to take her down.

Ibara and his companions were tasked with protecting Bolic from Night Raid. He ended up fighting against Akame. Throughout the battle, Ibara gave Akame a hard time trying to defeating, eventually obtaining Murasame but it appears her Teigu "doesn't take liking of him", according to her and Ibara was dismembered to pieces, leaving a torso and a head.


Ibara is the strongest of the 4 Raksha Demons, being able to defeat both Sten and Suzuka. He had a very flexible body and could freely control it and stretch his body parts and manipulate them, as seen when he easily dodged Akame's strikes.


  • Ibara's appareance strongly resembles Template:W, the leading singer of the namesake rock band.