Akame Ga Kill! Wiki

The Emperor: He serves as a close adviser and parental guardian to the young Emperor. He acts not unlike a warm father figure towards him, while in truth he is just using the child to push his own self-serving policies. However, despite using him like a puppet, he is seen at some times giving him real information and agreeing with him, though in the end, it is usually still for his own benefit. As shown, Honest truly does not care for the Emperor and in the end was ultimately just using him for his own ends, this is fully shown where Honest abandons him the second Shikoutazer was destroyed.

Esdeath: They are allies, though the relationship between the two is strictly business-oriented. According to Esdeath herself, the Prime Minister is safe in his position due to her aid. He often asks political favors from her, in return for allowing her to do what she wants. In the end, though, they are merely using each other. Honest apparently trusts Esdeath well enough to not blindly believe in Syura's suposed claims that Esdeath was secretly collaborating with the Empire's enemies.

Iokal: His cousin who was siphoning off of his power. Nothing is known about their relationship, but Honest wasn't happy when he learned that his cousin was killed.

Syura: His son who clearly respects him, but on the other hand wishes to surpass his father. In return, while Honest is shown to have great expectations for his son and call his harsh treatment being tough love. However, when the news of Syura's death reached Honest's ears, his remorse lasted only for a moment, and then he dismissed his own son as a failure and stated that he can make another son from scrap. Later after the final battle ended with the Emperor’s defeat, Honest himself belittles and insults Syura after his death due to him losing access to Shambhala, which he could have used to escape the capital, and outright called him an “idiot”.

Budo: The Prime Minister and the Grand General have a mutual dislike of each other. Budo is well aware of the minister's hand in causing the Empire to rot with corruption and made his intention clear to kill Honest and cleanse the Empire after dealing with the revolution. However, while Honest, due to his alliance with Esdeath, isn't that much worried about Budo's threats, knows that if there was any evidence found against him, he would be done for, as shown when he learned of the document that proved Syura being behind the releasing of the Danger Beasts that threatened the Capital and the whole Empire.