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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

After Bolic's assassination by Night Raid, Honest couldn't believe that his plans of subduing the Path of Peace would be thwarted, despite the Jaegers' protection, even by Esdeath herself. After Tatsumi's capture and Lubbock's death in an attempt to infiltrate the royal palace, Honest was informed by Budo of his son, Syura's death. He at first cried in mourning, but then quickly brushed it off, scheming to have another one who would not fail him, much to Budo's disgust for his lack of sympathy for his kin.

Later at the day of Tatsumi's execution, meant to demoralize the Revolutionary Army, Honest hears the Emperor's impressive speech to the people before leaving, prompting Budo to be suspicious about his motives. Night Raid stages a plan to rescue Tatsumi, preventing his execution, while they also fight Budo and Esdeath individually, with Budo being killed by Mine, while Esdeath kills Susanoo.

In the outbreak of the mass revolt by the Capital's population and the siege by the Revolutionary Army following Budo's death, Honest convinces the child Emperor that it's time to show the people why they should fear the ruler of the Empire as he shows him the "legendary" Teigu, the Shikoutazer.

In the ongoing siege on the Capital, Honest is with the Emperor when the few remaining members of Night Raid infiltrated the royal palace successfully to kill him once and for all. Honest finally compels the child ruler to activate the Shikoutazer and lay waste on the Capital all in the name of protecting the Empire. Just then, Tatsumi and Akame enter the throne room where Honest and the Emperor are. Akame attempts to kill Honest, but fails due to being blocked by a barrier. Tatsumi attempts to convince the Emperor that the Empire has been in tyranny for years and criticizing his actions by ignoring and letting innocent lives die and that the nation needs to change. However, Honest tells the Emperor not to fall for his lies, but Tatsumi tells him to hold his tongue and that he is the one manipulating the Emperor for his selfish gains. Honest rebuffs his accusation, refusing to take the blame for his crimes, and saying that everything he does for the Emperor is love. Tatsumi calls out his lies and threatens him, stating that the Empire is finished, which earns him Honest's anger, telling him to shut his mouth. He then tells the Emperor to bring out the Shikoutazer.

Witnessing the all-out destructive battle between the Emperor and Tatsumi, clad in his Incursio armor, Honest keeps cheering for the boy, telling that he made his parents proud "protecting" the Empire after their mysterious murder (it's suspected that he had a hand in this), but was later shocked when Wave, clad in his Grand Chariot armor, who finally saw the error in the Empire's ways, joined the fray and saved Tatsumi from a fatal blow. Seeing one of the Jaegers fighting against the Emperor, Honest accuses Wave of defecting to the Revolutionary Army, but was rebuffed by the latter, who declared that he fights for the people, even against the Prime Minister, much to his shock, but he later recomposes himself under the belief that the armored Teigu users will be no match for Shikoutazer. However, when Tatsumi in an evolved Incursio destroys the Emperor's Teigu by targeting its weak spot, Honest was extremely shocked, as his Empire begins to crumble and his plans to kill the rebellion has failed.

Leone kills Honest

Honest's death

With the Emperor's defeat, he attempts to flee as he aims to scheme his way to power again someday, but is intercepted by Leone, who was there to finish him off, now that he is no longer protected by the Emperor or his subordinates. However, Honest uses his Teigu to destroy hers and then fatally shoots her in the stomach and mocks her. However, Leone punches his face and he falls to the ground, weeping in pain as Leone condemns him and he shoots her again multiple times, but fails to kill her as she withstands the pain. With his fate sealed and unable to save himself, Leone proceeds to crush Honest's skull several times, killing him and putting an end to his tyanny and corruption once and for all.