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Honest was the Prime Minister of the Empire and its de-facto ruler, manipulating the young and naïve Emperor to do everything his way. He was the primary antagonist of the Akame ga Kill! series.


Honest was a round, elderly man with light skin, gray hair, dark yellow eyes, and a long, white beard that extended down to his abdomen. He often sported a sinister, toothy grin whenever he plotted something nefarious. He wore a pair of brown boots, a dark green shirt, a belt below his belly and short pants which were also dark green, and a gray coat with some hair of an dog-like creature around his neck, resembling a bourgeois.


Wicked by nature, Honest was an immensely greedy, cruel and sadistic maniac. He took joy in mentally abusing people with the power he had, as he didn't care about the country or the people around him begging for his help for a better life. In nearly every scene he appeared in, he is always seen gorging himself on food with little care for his table manners. He was also a cannibal, as shown when he oversaw the Emperor ordering the execution of an innocent man while voicing his approval, and smugly telling him that he'll make sure to take "care of his wife... every single part of her" while casually chowing down on some food. This is later proven when he tells Leone that he will devour her and that he speaks from experience when he says that young girls are quite pleasing to his palate. He suspected her womb will be the most tasty as well, once again confirming that he has eaten some unfortunate young girls. Honest appeared to be a rich supremacist who thought he was above everyone else. He was able to commit any atrocity possible in order for him to get a higher power.

On the surface, he was a quiet man and appeared to be gentle and soft-spoken in almost all his interactions with the young emperor. However, behind the mask of man who appears to be responsible, hides a demon who shows no sympathy for any human in the world, not even his own son. He does not regret anything cruel in what he does, seeing them as nothing more than another step to achieve his goals of getting more power over the country.

He also immensely enjoys the physical and psychological suffering of people, mercilessly oppressing them and making them fear him. All those who openly opposed him were subjected to extremely brutal torture. When the Emperor used the Shikoutazer to massacre the Revolutionary Army, Honest thoroughly enjoyed the situation and even started laughing. Honest usually hid his personality behind his jolly facade, even when he intimidated people.


It is stated that the Emperor only won the battle of succession due to Prime Minister Honest's influence and planning. The Prime Minister before him was Chouri, a man that was a kindhearted-but-strong-willed and a strong adviser to the former Emperor, who desired to return to the Capital to stop the decline of the Empire. When Honest became aware of this, he had Esdeath's forces tasked to kill him. He is known to have one son, and he is also known to have one blood relative named Iwokura, who was killed by Night Raid. At some point in his life, Honest took up martial arts in order to better himself as a fighter.

During the final battle against the Empire, Honest encountered Leone. Honest managed to fend off and fatally shoot Leone in the abdominal area before dropping her from the castle's balcony to her supposed death. With the fall of the Emperor and the death of Esdeath, Honest attempted to flee the building only to be caught in a secret passage by Leone who had managed to revive herself by fusing with her Teigu. Honest attempted to shoot Leone, but was horrified when she caught all of the bullets with ease before proceeding to pierce through the Prime Minister's stomach, exposing his intestines and leaving her disemboweled, Leone ignored and threw him off the balcony to the courtyard where he was immediately captured by The Revolutionaries. Due to his special physical training, Honest was forced to suffer a long series of torture for his crimes, where various rebels took turns mutilating him as a means of revenge. Records of his execution were later left public and his gruesome demise was kept uncensored.

Equipment and Skills[]

Honest uses the Teigu Erastone, which it takes the form of a crown and allows him to destroy an opponent's Teigu. However, it can't be used for a week after activating its effect. He is also capable of eating unusual substances, such as a spear, seemingly without any detrimental side effects to his body. Despite his obesity, he possesses immense strength and has extremely quick reflexes. He is an extremely skilled practitioner of the Imperial Fist and was able to briefly overpower Leone, a prominent hand-to-hand fighter who possessed a strength-enhancing Teigu. Honest claims his physical prowess comes from rigorous training he had undergone in his youth in order to attain vast longevity, as well as consuming healthy nutrients. During his battle with Leone, he was seen wielding a gun.

Immense Durability[]

Due to his training and body development, Honest was shown to possess immense physical stamina and durability. As seen where he managed to tank several physically powerful punches from Leone while enhanced with Lionel and later brush off her blows as nothing more than "annoying", and later, despite his spine being damaged and his stomach punctured and part of his stomach lining ripped out by a partially Teigu-merged Leone, Honest was shown to not only survive the blow, but actually remain conscious and later despite being extensively injured by her, Honest still managed to survive being thrown out of a balcony out of the Imperial Palace and onto the ground without dying and still retain consciousness, further illustrating his immense physical superhuman stamina and durability.

And despite being strapped into a table and having his arms, legs and flesh being slowly carved out of him by the enraged Revolutionary Army Soldiers, Honest was seen to have not only survived and retain consciousness, he actually survived until every last piece of his flesh was butchered from him.


  • In the manga, during Leone's attempt to assassinate him, Honest has implied that he was also a cannibal.
  • Honest's death differs slightly in both the anime and manga. In the former, Honest is killed by Leone when she crushes his entire face and skull using her own hands, but in the latter, she wounds his body and drags him to the top of the palace before throwing him off to the revolutionaries, subjected to horrific torture while being finally executed.