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Holimaca was a member of The Path of Peace who was also the leader of its forces and the owner of the Teigu Adayusu.


Holimaca was a tall, slender man with brown hair and green eyes. He wore a white suit with a black shirt and no necktie. He also wore sunglasses. He was shown smoking a cigarette.


As shown during his brief appearance, he was a overly-confident man who put a lot of faith in his skills and Teigu. His underestimation and lack of seriousness in the face of his enemies ultimately led to his demise. He has shown great enjoyment when using his Teigu in battle.


Not much is known about him, except for the facts that he found his Teigu sometime before the start of the series.

He was ordered to stand guard during the night of Bolic's assassination, which led him to come across Akame and Mine. He briefly fought Akame and was killed by Murasame's poison. Akame and Mine then rushes to their allies' side, ignoring the deceased Holimaca and his Teigu.


Not much was seen of his abilities, however, he was shown to be fast enough to block Akame's strike but it was not enough as her Teigu managed to cut his hand and its poison killed him.


  • Holimaca has a much shorter appearance in the anime than in the manga. He was only briefly seen and his Teigu, Adayusu, was never properly introduced. Instead of clashing with Akame and Mine in the courtyard alongside his guards, Holimaca attempts to escort Bolic to a safer pace. In both versions, he dies from Murasame's poison, once Akame cuts his hand.