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Hisame was a member of the Elder's Class.


Hisame was a young man with black hair and brown eyes. His hair was always tied in a ponytail. He wore a white shirt and has a black vest over it. He also had blue trousers tied with a brown cloth.


Hisame was a calm and loyal man who never leaves behind his friends and his commanders. He was very direct, honest and straightforward, which was shown when he talked with Maruge. He was the type of hard-working person that wished to earn higher status through promotions, ultimately aiming to wed Princess Rinzu.


Sometime before the events of Hinowa ga Yuku!, Hisame fell in love with the Soukai Princess Rinzu. It was love at first sight.

Before joining Maruge's army, Hisame was part of the Elder's Class. He and his friends always dreamed of fighting for their nation Soukai. He is first shown with other Elder's Class members helping Hinata with her business problem. He is later introduced to Akame. After he said his goodbyes to his family, he went to war.

While Maruge's army was climbing Mt. Kageboshi, Yomihime attacked them. Hisame was protecting his commander Maruge. He was later praised by Maruge, who was impressed by his skills. The students at Elder's Class were engaging Yomihime while Hisame himself was defending Maruge's main camp from Tenrou's army. After the battle, Maruge promoted Hisame to captain.

Eventually Hisame's accomplishments in the battlefield eventually lead him to be selected as one of Princess Rinzu's potential Bride-Groom candidates's. Where after successfully defeating all of the other candidates successfully won the right to marry her.

However, Tenrou soon invaded the Soukai nation and after being wounded by Mizuchi in their battle, he was killed by Zuou himself by trying to defend the castle.

His corpse would then be butchered and used by Zuou as fish bait.

Skills and Equipment[]

Hisame has shown his skills in using a sword to fight on Mt. Kageboshi. He also has a strong sense of smell, as he can catch the scent of Maruge's pants being wet while fighting Tenrou soldiers.