Hinowa ga Yuku! (ヒノワが行く!) is a continuation of the Akame ga Kill! manga series. It is written by Takahiro and features illustrations by strelka. It began serialization on June 24th, 2017 and currently has three volumes.

Yen Press is publishing the series in English under the title, Hinowa ga CRUSH!. Two volumes have been released thus far.


The story is set in a distant eastern country called Wakoku. Battles for the survival of the fittest have lasted a century in Wakoku. Hinowa is an obscure girl caught in the midst of the upheaval. With resolve in her heart, she will tear these chaotic times asunder.

List of Volumes

# Volumes
Release date ISBN
1 December 25, 2017 (JP)
September 25, 2018 (USA)
978-4757555655 (JP)
978-1975380953 (USA)
Chapters list:
Pages: 208
Cover character:
Cover (Hinowa) volume 1
2 August 25, 2018 (JP)
May 21, 2019 (USA)
978-4757558281 (JP)
9781975330415 (USA)
Chapters list:
Cover character:
Cover (Hinowa) volume 2
3 April 25, 2019 (JP)
February 11, 2020 (USA)
978-4757561052 (JP)
978-1975387518 (USA)
Chapters list:
Cover character:
Cover (Hinowa) volume 3
4 December 25, 2019 (JP) 978-4757564497 (JP)
Chapters list:
Cover character:
Cover (Hinowa) volume 4

Chapters not yet compiled in volumes

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

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