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Great Tremor: Heavy Pressure is a Teigu in the form of a microphone. It was owned by Cosmina and is now owned by the Revolutionary Army. It was later used by another female bunny-eared soldier during the final battle against Esdeath.


Heavy Pressure is a microphone-type Teigu that can amplify the user's voice and turn it into ultrasonic waves capable of pulverizing the enemy by shattering their bones.

It seemed to have different output levels with a full power output.

Trump Card[]

Heavy Pressure's Trump Card is known as 'Nasty Voice', which causes hallucinations to whoever it is used on with a wave of sound.


  • Similar to the other Teigu, Heavy Pressure possess its own unique theme when selecting its users. With Cosmina and the Female Revolutionary Army Soldier both possessing the same energetic, quirky personality and a penchant for bunny ears.