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Hana was a member of Team Stylish.


Hana was a toned man who wore a revealing, dark-colored outfit. he has black hair that he kept divided into two braids. These braids turned upward towards the bottom. His eyes consist of blue sclera devoid of pupils. He wore a white mask that had a large, pink, duck-like nose that was conferred upon him by Dr. Stylish.


Hana was one of Dr. Stylish's stronger underlings and wore a mask with a long nose.

Like all the underlings, he was likely an ex-convict who allowed Dr. Stylish to perform experiments on him in return for a more lenient sentence. Along with Mimi and Me, he led Dr. Stylish to Night Raid's hideout by following the scent of its members.

He was absorbed and devoured by Stylish's Danger Beast in order to strengthen himself.

Equipment and Skills[]

He had a sharp sense of smell, which he got from Dr. Stylish. He could follow any kind of scent, even the ones that were thought to be erased. Presumably, he also had confidence in his combat abilities, calling himself the bishop in Dr. Stylish's army.


  • "Hana" means "nose" in Japanese.