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Guy was a member of the Empire's assassination group appearing in the prequel series Akame ga Kill! Zero.


Guy is a tall, young man with a sturdy and muscular build. He has short brown hair and a scar on his left cheek. He wears a brown vest with white sleeves and a white collar. His pants are also white.


He is shown to be rather perverted, frequently visiting brothels whenever his team goes to a village. Furthermore, he was shown to be looking at the hem of Akame's dress, which she received from Martha. He also challenged his teammate Cornelia to a grappling contest, which was actually an attempt to "accidentally" touch her. Despite this, it appears that he has feelings for Cornelia. It is implied that he asked her to be his girlfriend at least once. When she died, he was enraged, vowing to avenge her death by killing the Oarburgh clan.


Guy was one of the many children that was sold to the Empire. He was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for the Empire's assassins. He was ranked second among the candidates and got into the Elite Seven. Sometime before his first mission, he fell in love with Cornelia. However, she turned him down.

He is seen mining for precious crystals, which are identified by Green. He complains that Cornelia won't pay any attention to him and states that he wants to spend his earnings on prostitutes. Green declines his invitation to come along. Guy goes over his time limit in the brothel and is tied to a tree branch upside down. He is found by Akame, who cuts him loose. On the way back to their hideout, he is kicked in the face by Akame when he attempts to look up her dress.

After Taeko, Chelsea and Babara came to assassinate the Elite Seven, Guy with other members of the Elite Seven killed Tengu Mercenaries, while Oarburghs ran away. Later at the hot springs, Najasho and Green tied Guy to a tree, so he couldn't go looking at girls.

Guy' death

Guy's death

Because Chelsea discovered true identity of Najasho and Green, Gozuki decided to keep all boys from Elite Seven outside of town, while girls stayed in Deng Zhi Town Inn. Later, when Guy with Cornelia went to the Gozuki hideout, Chelsea was spying on them. Because of that, Babara Oarburgh attacked male squad of Elite Seven. She easily blocked the blows of Najasho, Green and Guy but she couldn't stand power of Gozuki's Teigu - Murasame. After assassinating Babara and Taeko, Guy learned that Cornelia died. He promised to avenge her death by killing the Oarburgh clan.

After some time, the Elite Seven got a new mission. They had to help the Group of Terror to kill Gravekeepers and got their treasures. While he was going to help captured comrades, he came across many Gravekeepers, Ragu among others, but he easily killed them. When he finally came to rescue the Group of Terror members and Tsukushi, he met Weneg - the Gravekeepers' Boss. Guy couldn't defeat him, which resulted in Guy's death.

Equipment & Skills[]

Guy being one of the top seven survivors of the harsh and cruel survival test employed by the Empire to select its assassins, Guy possess immense innate combat potential that easily surpasses that of an average assassin and due to being personally trained by Gozuki since childhood, Guy like the other Elite Seven displayed superhuman levels of physical strength, speed, stamina and endurance that easily allowed him to kill seasoned veteran soldiers and spies during his first few missions in the field, despite his own inexperience and due to being trained in the mountain wilderness hunting Danger Beasts,Guy has exhibited superhuman senses and instincts as seen when he was able to easily and immediately detect when someone was tailing or spying on him.

And much like the other members of the Elite Seven, Guy is immune or resistant to most poisons.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

In actual battle, Guy employs powerful hand to hand combat battle style that primarily focuses on grappling and breaking his opponents bones. With Guy himself being the physically strongest member of the Elite Seven, this is seen during his battle against Weneg, who, despite being fully transformed into his Danger Beast form, Guy was still fully capable of physically overpowering him and beating him to near death, a feat noted and acknowledged by the Gravekeeper to be superhuman. And latter upon being inflicted life threatening wounds to his head, Guy was still capable of moving his body and enduring considerable pain and blood loss in order to save Tsukushi and Kurome's Group and managed to buy enough time for them to escape.


Guy, much like the other members of the Elite Seven, received a Shingu from Gozuki. The bodysuit known as Rare Suit. It possessed the ability to give its user the ability to freely dig through the earth and manipulate it as they please. Guy himself has displayed immense mastery over the suit’s abilities, as seen when he was able to easily dig through several kilometers of earth and infiltrate deep underground bases and bypass and break through the thick walls with ease, burrow through the earth to launch sneak attack. Guy himself showcased the ability to freely manipulate earth and rocks in multiple different ways for various uses in battle, as seen when he was able to shape full body armor out of rocks,create claws of rocks and even create a full body double sculpture out of the earth in order to trick his opponents and create incredibly durable and thick stone walls despite being heavily wounded.

However, the drawbacks to the suit is the fact that using it puts a considerable physical strain on the users body and is incapable of creating soil or earth from nothing, limiting the terrain the suit could be used on.

In order to use this Shingu to its fullest potential, Guy was also noted to have been immensely trained his sense of touch and hearing in order to navigate underground. As seen where he was able to easily detect if anything else was deep in the earth with him by sound alone and later when he was able to identify a underground base by differentiating the feeling of wall from a normal rock.


  • Guy was physically the strongest member of the Elite Seven.
  • Guy wanted to one day surpass Najasho and become kill rank No. 1.