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Akame standing in front of tomb of the first Emperor in Putra.

The Gravekeepers were a group of guardians who watched over the tomb of the first Emperor in Putra. They are characterized by their secret art, which transforms parts of their bodies in order to use the abilities of animals and plants. Mudi is the only known survivor of the Gravekeepers that went on a mission when the raid transpired. The group is now officially rendered extinct upon Mudi's death fighting the Elite Seven to try and avenge his comrades.


  • Secret Arts - The Gravekeepers' most common and universal ability is their power to change and morph parts pf their physical bodies into any animal, weather they be mammals, reptiles, insects, sea life or even Danger Beasts, in varying degrees. Once transformed, the Gravekeeper is fully capable of making use of the animals unique properties and abilities, as seen when their members where capable of producing the beasts unique products and secretions such as venom, ink, spider threads, needles and even breath fire, while others instead use their physical transformation to give them new abilities or enhance their existing skills such as giving them the ability to fly by growing wings, strengthen their muscles to grant them superhuman strength, develop enhanced superhuman regeneration ,increase their leg muscles strength and increase their flexibility, depending on what beast they morph into.


Former Members[]


  • Arathi † (Killed by the Group of Terror's Kurome)
  • Jamo † (Killed by the Group of Terror's Gin)
  • Kimatsu † (Killed by the Elite Seven's Najasho)
  • Ragu † (Killed by the Elite Seven's Gai)
  • Umber † (Killed by the Elite Seven's Poney)
  • Weneg † (Leader; killed by Elite Seven's Akame)
  • Unknown members † (Killed by the Elite Seven, the Group of Terror and Esdeath)


  • It has been implied that the Secret Arts used by the Gravekeepers was adapted and used by the ancient alchemists of old to create Teigu more specifically the belt Lionel and again was used to create the Shingu, Water-Dragon Sword.
  • Weneg has implied that the attempts of copulating between a Gravekeeper and normal human was too "dangerous" for a normal human to handle, implying that even attempting to do so would likely result in the normal persons death. This implied that the Gravekeepers have evolved into something akin to a different species all together due to their constant intermarriage and constant use and possible genetic evolution of their "secret arts".
  • The GraveKeepers hierarchy work depending on how many skulls a members has. The more Skulls a member possess (5-3), the higher up they are in position among their fellow gravekeepers and validates their power and strength.