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Gilberda (ギルベルダ, Giruberuda) was a member of the Oarburgh clan.


Gilberda had green eyes and long, blonde hair. She wore a maid's outfit.


Gilberda had an aggressive and belligerent personality. Having a confrontational and somewhat headfirst mindset when going into a battle and had shown to have the tendency to not think too much or put much caution into planning her next move, a tendency further exemplified by her confidence and arrogance in the Oarburgh clan's abilities due to their undefeated track record. As seen where she would rather stay in the clan's hideout and directly confront the Empire's assassins headfirst despite the caution, Cassandra and Merraid Oarburgh had at the possibility that their location was found out due to lingering for too long.

Gilberda had also shown to have a level of bloodthirst and sadism whenever she entered into battle, having taken open pleasure at the sensation of punching something to death with her fists and greatly, excitedly anticipated the battle against the Elite Seven due to their immense skills.

However, despite her usual muscle-headed personality, Gilberda had shown a level of tactical knowledge and coolheaded-ness when fighting strong opponents, as seen where she carefully planned her next move against Tsukushi and Poney due to realizing that they weren't the average opponents.

Gilberda was also shown to be immensely loyal to the Oarburgh due to them saving her and adopting her from slavery and grew to genuinely enjoy her profession as an assassin and grew close with her teammates, as seen where she apologized to her comrades due to her foolhardy suggestion to remain in a single location upon being detected by the Four Rakshasa Demons and the Elite Seven and later pushed herself to the absolute limit to create an opening for her surviving teammates to escape upon the slaughter ambush of the assassin groups that later cost her life.

Gilberda was also shown to have genuinely and deeply fallen in love with Merraid Oarburgh and swore absolute loyalty to her upon first joining the Oarburgh's. And during her final moments, Gilberda's last thoughts were about how lucky she was to be loved back by her.

Gilberda also possess several perverted quirks and fetishes, with her seemingly being a voyeur and her taking immense pleasure in watching Merriad or Cassandra partaking in sexual activities.


As a child, Gilberda was sold by her parents because they were scared of her superhuman abilities. After that she joined Oarburgh clan. As a member of Oarburgh, she swore Merraid absolute loyalty.

After Taeko and Babara death, Gilbeda (with other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate Elite Seven. Before ambush on Elite Seven, Gilberda with Chelsea spy on Merraid and a random girl. Merraid found out and she involved Gill, Chelsea and Cassandra into her orgy. Gilberda was happy about it.

On the beginning first battle with the Elite Seven, Gilberda and Cassandra were fighting with Poney and Tsukushi, girls from the Empire who fled.

After some time, Merraid and Gilberda found the Empire spies. While Merraid took the girl, she ordered Gill to deal with the man. After finding out information about the place where Empire spies gather they came there and they killed spy who was there.

While Merraid was teaching Akame about the true world, they met up with Dora and Gil. Merraid involved Akame into the orgy, kissing her in front of both Gil and Dora. When Akame later distracted the Oarburgh's for Kurome to get the insect cure, Gilberda and the others tried seducing Akame, and it was strongly hinted that Akame was sexually assaulted.

Gil's last moments

Gil's last moments

During Elite Seven and Four Rakshasa Demons ambush on Oarburgh's hideout, Gilberda tried to protect hideout. She lost her caution, which she could pay with her life. But just before Sten could deliver the final blow, Gil removed her limits. She was able to block Sten's attack and she could still fight with her opponents. Although Gil couldn't avoid Gozuki's attack with Murasame. Thanks for removing her limits, Gilberda still tried to defeat enemies. she destroyed Oarburgh's hideout. In her last moments, Gil thought about love which she received from Mera.

Power & Abilities[]

Superhuman Strength[]

Gil Power

Gil's superhuman strength

Gilberda was naturally born with superhuman levels of strength, so much so that allows her to easily overpower gigantic danger beasts with her bare fists alone and later was shown to be physically powerful enough to fight members of the Four Rakshasa Demons barehanded despite their own inhuman strength.

Hand to Hand Combat[]

Due to being trained by the Oarburgh Clan since childhood, Gilberda was trained in a variety of different fields to become an assassin, With hand to hand combat being her main specialty due to it heavily complementing her immense superhuman strength.

Physical Body Manipulation[]

Gilberda was also trained on a variety of techniques on how to physically manipulate her own body to boost her fighting prowess in battle.

  • Limit Removal - Having been raised and trained by the Ourburgh clan from childhood, Gilberda was also taught and trained in the clan's unique technique to consciously remove the brains natural limiters on the human body, allowing Gilberda to greatly boost her already superhuman strength to the point that she could easily demolish an entire building single-handed, overpower two members of the Four Rakshasa Demons and boost her physical stamina and speed to catch up to Poney and Tsukushi while carrying Cassandra, despite Poney's speed being enhanced by her Yocto-bottoms.
  • Muscle Hardening: Gilberda has also displayed the ability to manipulate the denseness of her muscles, as seen when she managed to harden her leg muscles to successfully block Tsukushi's Bullets and managed to strengthen her face and neck muscles to prevent her head from flying off her body upon being kicked by Poney's Shingu enhanced kick.


  • Even though it's never stated in the manga, Gilberda possibly identifies as either bisexual or lesbian, due to her showing sexual interest in Merriad, Cassandra, Chelsea and Akame.