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The Empire's Map

World Map

The story of Akame ga Kill! is set in a fantasy world consisting of several countries, the most prominent being the Empire. The world spans over many climatic zones, from deserts and exotic islands to tundra, and has different landscapes - mountain ranges seemingly being very common. It is home to many species of Danger Beasts.

The Empire[]

Central Region[]

The Capital[]

An enormous city surrounded by a wall. The Imperial Palace is located there.

  • The Great Canal - the largest of the many canals surrounding the Capital, at over 2,500 km in length. It was built in seven years by means of the exploitation of thousands of people and quickly became very profitable, helping the Capital raise further in power. The Great Canal also served as a route for the Emperor's cruise ship Ryuusen, on which Tatsumi and Bulat fought the Three Beasts.

Mt. Fake[]

Home to several Danger Beasts species that disguised themselves as various objects, such as trees and rocks. Tatsumi trained there with Bulat.

Marg Plateau[]

Home to many Danger Beasts species, including the Marg Panther, the Marg Don and the Marg Falcon.

Gifnora Forest[]

A large forest in which one-hundred children were put through the elimination test to become the Empire's assassins. Gozuki and another man were overseeing the test while the children faced the many Danger Beasts living in the forest. Akame and Kurome were among the participants; the survivors were later divided into different assassination groups depending on their results.

  • It's described as 樹海 (Jukai) in Japanese, specifically meaning "sea of trees", or a very large, dense forest.


A wealthy town with fertile land. Run worked as a teacher in a nearby village; after the massacre of the school children, the town's officials decided to cover up the incident instead of investigating it to protect the village's reputation.

  • In the anime, the village was said to be poor instead, and after the children were abducted and killed, it simply couldn't afford the investigation.

Night Raid's Old Hideout[]

A large, reinforced building merged with a mountain, located ten kilometers north of the Capital. It contained many rooms, including the one for meetings, living quarters and a kitchen, as well as a few outdoor facilities, such as training grounds and hot springs. It's surrounded by the woods and is located near a river in which the Night Raid members catch fish for cooking. Night Raid was forced to leave it behind after Dr. Stylish's assault.

Night Raid's New Hideout[]

After Dr. Stylish's assault on their old hideout, Night Raid was forced to move to a new location. Just like the old hideout, it is built into the mountain, and according to the members of Night Raid, it didn't feel new at all due to having a similar layout.

White Brows Association's Temple[]

White Brows Association has the temple hidden in the woods. It had also a training dojo inside.


A fortress where Budo's Imperial Guards were stationed while defending the Capital against the Revolutionary Army forces. Once the general was defeated, however, it was quickly taken over by the rebels.


A lake on the outskirts of the Capital. A fortress near it was occupied by bandits who were wiped out by the Jaegers during their first mission.

Northern region[]

Partas Clan's Village[]

Home to the Partas Clan which was destroyed by the rival tribe.

Daiken Village[]

One of the towns in which the Sabatini Show performed.

Shiranami Mountains[]

Base of operations to a large group of bandits. The Sabatini Show troupe was forced to pass through there, and were attacked by the bandits who also allied themselves with the tribes from the Northern country. However, thanks to Akame and Tsukushi's skills the troupe managed to fight off their attackers.

Hakurou River[]

Babara Oreburg plotted to lure out the Elite Seven and eliminate them at this river.

Castle Rakurou[]

Home to Viceroy Ragiri.

Rousei Mountains[]

Elite Seven members hunted Danger Beasts and looked for valuable resources there. Akame also assassinated Martha in the nearby village of the same name, in which everything was set up specifically to indoctrinate the Elite Seven members.

Eastern Region[]


A large, flourishing town in which The Path of Peace's HQ is located. Due to rich natural resources, it gradually grew into a metropolis with its own unique culture. Bolic had a mansion there with the Four Rakshasa Demons serving as his bodyguards; the mansion apparently had an underground tunnel connecting it to the town's graveyard.


A town situated on the road of the same name which leads east to Kyoroch. The Jaegers stopped in this town during their mission to eliminate Night Raid: first, to have lunch and discuss their strategy, and later, after the mission's failure, in order to regroup and tend to Kurome's injury inflicted by Chelsea. Chelsea was also executed in this town, with her head being put on a stake in the town's square.

Imperial Navy[]

Wave hails from the Navy.

Western Region[]

Tensui Village[]

This village has been trading with foreign nations, which led to the Prime Minister ordering the execution of all its inhabitants. It was carried out by Kurome and a group of assassins.

Southern Regions[]

Ban Tribe's Village[]

Home to the Ban tribe, which was destroyed by Esdeath's forces.

Mt. Farm[]

A place where Najenda was attacked by Esdeath after defecting to the Revolutionary Army.

Northwest Regions[]


Throughout history, it has been a place for traders to resupply during their journey.

It was once occupied by the Northern Tribes, and hold many unique cultures. Putra is an arid region, unsuitable for farming and basically nothing but rocks. When it rains, there are flash floods that dig out ravines, which goes to show just how severe the natural climate of Putra is. But long ago, the first king didn't care about any of that and installed dams and water lines to establish a water supply. Upon achieving water security, the people of the canyons were able to develop into a civilization. The tomb of the past emperor is located there and it is also the place where the gravekeepers live.

Unknown/Other Regions[]

Uninhabited islands[]

Located in the Southeastern part of the Empire. Esdeath and Tatsumi were teleported there by Syura.

Tatsumi's Village[]

The unnamed village which Tatsumi, Ieyasu and Sayo come from.


Soukai Nation[]

Yeanami Village[]

Home for Elder's Class members.

Mt. Kageboushi[]

A mountain where the battle between the Soukai and Tenrou nations took place. Shiranui Fortress lies at the base of the mountain, making the defenses airtight. Yomihime found the gap by exploiting the east side of the mountain to launch the assault, but repelled thanks to Elder's Class members.

Shranui Fortress[]

A fortress which is located between Soukai and Tenrou. Shiranui Fortress is the main defense on Mt. Kageboshi and also serves as a boundary defense between Soukai and Tenrou.

Other Countries[]

Northern Country[]

Home to the Northern Tribes.

Western Country[]

Due to the Empire occupying the Western land's territory, they wage war against it. Mine is half-descended from the tribes of this land.

Southern Country[]

The country is located far south of the Empire. Years ago, the Empire fought a campaign led by General Liver against the inhabitants there referred to as "the other races". It is unknown why the Empire attacked the Southern Lands, but it is presumed that they were victorious in their campaign, due to their overwhelming force in numbers.

Eastern Country[]

The only land separated from the Empire by the sea. Little is known about this country.