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General Nouken was one of the Empire's generals.


Nouken was a well-built, tall, muscular man in his prime. He had a dark tan, chiseled jawline and shoulder-length hair that ran along the back of his head. He donned white pants, a standard general's cloak, and large armored shoulder plates. His torso was mostly exposed, being partially wrapped from each side with latex belts that interconnected through rings which vertically spanned from the sternum to his abdomen. His weapon of choice was a long sword, kept secure in a scabbard and strapped around his waist.


Nouken saw himself as an example of what true men should be and frequently enjoyed the company of his concubines. Like most of the Empire's elite, the general impassively committed horrendous acts and often seemed forgetful of them.


Nouken was mentioned by Prime Minister Honest when he told the Emperor that everyone starts to desire the opposite sex when they reach a certain age and that he brings with him his ten concubines to the battlefield.

After the start of the revolution, Akame was charged with assassinating him.

While passing through a street with his troops, a soldier addressed the commander, stating that their appearance was for naught, as General Esdeath was dispatched to deal with the rebel forces. Nouken replied negatively, claiming that the town's women got to enjoy the company of, what he considered himself to be, a real man. The conversation placed Nouken in the mood as he asked the soldier to bring him his fifth concubine, to which the man replied that the woman was previously bifurcated during their last session by the general himself, who seemed completely oblivious about the incident.

At the back of the squad, a hooded figure, revealed to be Akame in disguise, made her presence known and dispatched a number of the group's soldiers with her katana, as she moved in to finish off the general. Before he could even unsheathe his sword, Akame slashes his neck instantly and made her retreat as the remaining soldiers stood over the general's body.