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Gaurry was one of Aria's bodyguards. He, alongside his colleagues, was assassinated by Night Raid while protecting Aria and her family.


Gaurry was a fit, young man of average height with black hair, gray eyes and a short beard. He wore a standard white guardsman uniform, with black boots and gloves that stretched up to his knees and elbows, and a helmet with a white cloth hanging loosely from the sides to the back of his head. His weapon of choice was a large cleaver-like blade.


Although fully aware of the corruption that has plagued the Capital, Gaurry chose to turn a blind eye in an attempt to stay out of harm's way, even allowing Aria and her family to have their malevolent ways with their guests. Gaurry displayed a decent amount of bravery, willing to face a more dangerous foe despite the large gap in their strength. In his final moments, Gaurry thought of himself as nothing more than filth, due to the absence of his morality.


Gaurry first appeared alongside Aria when she first met Tatsumi. He later escorted the two to Aria's mansion, where he was tasked by Aria's father to look after Tatsumi.

The next day, Gaurry accompanied Aria alongside Tatsumi to her shopping spree. While the other guards assisted Aria, Gaurry took a moment to warn Tatsumi of the corruption that has plagued the Capital and the impending dangers that came with meddling with them.

The following evening, during Night Raid's assault on the manor, Gaurry, backed up by two guards, attempted to hold off the assassins, despite the difference in their strength. Moments later, after charging straight at the enemy, Gaurry had his throat slit by Akame. In his final moments, the man noted how his death was a fitting end for someone whose nature was truly rotten. After Tatsumi discovered their secret, Leone commented that Aria's guards were as much guilty for turning a blind eye to the family's crimes.


  • Gaurry's name was excluded from the anime, only appearing in the episode's credits.