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Gamal was a corrupt oil merchant who was eventually targeted by Night Raid under a contract hit, and killed by Leone and Akame.


Gamal was an overweight, out-of-shape, bald man with spots on his head, a small nose and a big mouth, all of which gave him a toad-like appearance. He wore an orange kimono shirt with matching pants and black boots, as well as a green cloak with two circles resembling toad eyes printed on it.


For an unknown period of time, Gamal had been conspiring with Captain Ogre of the Imperial Police, bribing him so that the captain would frame someone else every time Gamal committed a crime, resulting in the deaths of many innocent people. After another man was wrongly executed, his fiancée contacted Leone, prompting Night Raid to go after both Gamal and Ogre. Gamal was then ambushed and killed by Akame and Leone while on his way to the bathroom.