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Phantasmagoria: Gaea Foundation was a Teigu in the form of a cosmetic case that enabled its user to take the appearance of whatever living creature they desired. It was used by Chelsea before being destroyed by Kurome.


Gaea Foundation enabled its user to turn into any living creature they wished, even animals such as cats with the ability to mimic an animal's natural abilities, such as flight. Gaea Foundation also allows the user to transform into plants, as seen where Chelsea was able to disguise herself as a tree while tailing Cornelia and Guy.

It resembled a cosmetic case with cosmetic tools inside.

Chelsea used this ability for both reconnaissance and as a disguise to trick opponents, using the latter technique against both Bols and Kurome, successfully tricking both long enough to perform a stealthy takedown.


  • Gaea is an alternate spelling of Gaia, a personification of Earth in Greek mythology.


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