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Fumio is a soldier of the Soukai Nation. He served under Hinowa during the battle of Ryuumon Castle.


Fumio has a short crop of black hair and brown eyes. He wears a white bandana and blue shirt.


Fumio is a clumsy-but-kind and loyal man. He was truly devoted to Hinowa, which is why after Hinowa died when and Hinowa's daughter, Hinata, was promoted to captain, he decided to join her unit.


Fumio was part of Hinowa's unit. He was present during the battle with Tenrou's commander Sakuza. After his death, another Tenrou commander joined the battle - Yomihime. When Hinowa was killed by Yomihime, her earring fell down into the water and was found by Fumio.

After 10 years, Fumio accidentally met with Hinata during the battle on Mt. Kageboshi. After the battle, Hinata was promoted to captain and Fumio decided to join her unit. He is later present during the battle on Shiranui Fortress.