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Fal was one of three girls who were sold to Bach, due to their village being deeply in debt by the overtaxation of the Empire.


Fal had shoulder-length, golden blonde hair and amber eyes. She wore an orange raincoat and a pair of matching boots.


Fal was a tomboy confident in her fighting abilities, claiming that she would defeat anyone who would try to harm the girls. She also lacked proper manners.


When Fal, Air and Luna first arrived in the capital, they dreamed of having a kind master who they would work under as apprentices. Sadly, this was not the case, and Bach sold them out to a sadistic group of "Enthusiasts" who subjected them to gruesome torture. Fal's legs were broken during her attempt to defend herself, and she was tortured endlessly for over a week, losing most of her fingers and teeth before finally succumbing to her wounds.