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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

After Tatsumi's capture and Lubbock's death in an attempt to infiltrate the royal palace, Esdeath personally visits Tatsumi's cell, where she tried to offer him a chance back to her side, only to be rebuffed, stating he would rather die than be with someone who only wants to cause destruction. Shocked at his words and realizing his mind is made up, Esdeath resolves to perform the upcoming execution herself.

At the royal execution, Esdeath is about to kill Tatsumi herself, but was interrupted by the arrival of Night Raid who came to rescue their comrade and recover Incursio, resulting a confrontation with Najenda and Susanoo. After a tough battle, Esdeath used Mahapadma, froze Susanoo and shattered his body, destroying his core shortly after. However, Najenda had a contingency plan that revives her Teigu and counterattacks.

Susanoo clashes with Esdeath

Esdeath faces Susanoo

When the rescue was successful at the cost of Mine's life, Esdeath was held off by Susanoo, allowing the remaining Night Raid members to escape. In Susanoo's final moments, Esdeath promises him that she'll recognize him as a warrior and not as a Teigu as they continue battling before the former's eventual victory, ending in Susanoo's death.

In the breakout of the all-out revolt with the Revolutionary Army besieging the Capital, Esdeath rides out with her army to meet them as she cuts through the rebel ranks, even when they had powerful Teigu on their side, while praising Tatsumi's strong will and resolve to fight and live on. Still convinced that they belong to each other, she declares in her mind that she will go find him after she is done with the Revolutionary Army soldiers.

Akame clashes with Esdeath Anime Exclusive

Esdeath fights her final opponent

After witnessing the Emperor's defeat and Tatsumi's death, Esdeath states that he died because he was weak, but she can't stop feeling grief over his death. After killing several soldiers from the Revolutionary Army, she states that she will continue her hunt and put down rebellions, but Akame questions her purpose and tells her the Empire has lost and there is nothing left to gain, Esdeath states that if there were no wars to be found, she will just start one of her own. Akame concluded that Esdeath must die so that peace and a chance for a better tomorrow could happen. The two engage in battle. Akame sees that Esdeath is too strong, so Akame activates her Teigu's trump card, but even with this, Esdeath proved to be a challenge. However, Akame finally managed to mortally wound Esdeath, by cutting her open with her poisoned sword. Shocked, she then asks where Akame gained this strength, who claims Esdeath was merely looking at an image of her bloodlust, but Esdeath doesn't understand the answer. Esdeath accepts her defeat and in her final moments walked to Tatsumi's corpse and cradles it after making a wall of ice in order to prevent Akame from interfering, and says that she really wishes that he was by her side, before slowly freezing them together. The ice then vaporized, destroying both of their bodies. Akame then says that the answer Esdeath could not understand was actually her own feelings for Tatsumi.

After the death of Honest and the downfall of the Empire, while visiting Kurome's grave, Wave and Run playfully commented about Tatsumi running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife.