Esdeath's Father
Esdeath's Father
Kanji/Kana Kanji/Kana
Voiced by Daichi Endō (Japanese)
Alec Franco (English)
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Blood Type
Family Wife (Deceased)
Esdeath (Daughter; Deceased)
Status Deceased
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 27
Anime Episode 14
Image Gallery
He was Esdeath's father and a tribal leader of the Partas Clan.[1] He taught Esdeath primary survival skills and honed her hunting abilities.[2]


He was a tall middle-aged man with light blue hair worn in a mullet-like style, as well as a short beard, and blue eyes. He wore tribal clothing consisting of a black short-sleeved turtleneck shirt, a long white kimono, and a red vest on top of it, with a sash on his waist and a golden medallion around his neck. He also wore a black headband with his clan's symbol on it.[3][4]


He was a caring father who showed great concern for Esdeath.[2] However, he had a strong view over survival of the fittest, which he taught to his daughter, who ended up adopting it for herself.[2] Also, it seems that he loved his wife and was saddened by her death as he admitted to it being sad, but due to his belief in his creed, he viewed her as weak and thought that it could not be helped.[5]


Having lost his wife early,[5] he was left in charge of taking care of his daughter, teaching her all the skills she needed to survive as a Danger Beast hunter.[2] During this time, he showed slight concern when Esdeath began showing signs of some broken mentality, mainly over her ability to be completely ruthless in killing, but dismissed it, as he believed it would help Esdeath survive on her own.[2]

Eventually, when an enemy clan attacked the Partas Clan, he stood on the front lines fending off the enemies before they were outnumbered and killed.[6] In his final moments, he told Esdeath not to feel sad over his death as it was his fate for being weak. His death and final words eventually became the final trigger which formed Esdeath into what she is today.[7]


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