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Absolute Limitation: Erastone, also known as the Anti-Teigu, is a crown (ring in the anime) Teigu wielded by Honest.


Towards the end of the Revolutionary Army's rebellion against the Empire, Honest used Erastone against Leone to destroy her Lionel after she attempted to charge at him.



In the manga, Erastone was shown to be a jewel within Honest's crown. When activated, the center opens, shining a light upon the opponent within range of it. Destroying both their Teigu and the crystal itself, after which it shatters upon use. The crystal can regenerate over time, giving it a weekly usage.


In the anime, Erastone was shown to be a golden ring of average size. When activated, a purple eye opened in its center, with black branching patterns appearing around the eye itself. Once its user chose their target, the ring shined a bright light towards a designated Teigu, disabling and destroying the weapon and itself afterward.[1] It is unknown if Erastone can regenerate in this version, and if so, how long it takes to regenerate.


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