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Kill the Battle Fanatic (戦闘狂を斬る, Sentōkyō o Kiru) is the ninth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Mine, upon confirming that her wounds from her previous battle with Seryu are healed, prepares herself to avenge Sheele and Bulat's deaths. She looks for someone to train with, only to see that Lubbock and Tatsumi are busy training themselves with the help of Leone and Akame. Tatsumi explains that he must grow stronger if he wants to use Incursio effectively. Lubbock wishes to grow stronger, as there are now only two male Night Raid members left. Najenda then enters and tells them that she will be traveling alone to deliver the Imperial Arms taken from the Three Beasts as well as to see if any new recruits can be spared for their group. She leaves Akame in charge and tells Tatsumi to be proud of himself, as his actions saved thousands of lives. Esdeath stands at the graves of the Three Beasts and promises to avenge them. 

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