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Kill the Three Part 2 (三匹を斬る - 後編 -, Sanbiki o Kiru - Kōhen -) is the eighth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Once a former general and a high-ranking officer, Liver professed his undying loyalty to Esdeath for saving his life long ago before proceeding with his mission to kill a Night Raid member and a former friend, Bulat. Shortly after, Liver revealed his Teigu that allowed him to freely manipulate nearby liquid substances. While the two battled it out, Tatsumi stopped Nyau from interfering, but the later managed to keep up and overtook the former, despite having sustained injuries a while ago.

Taking advantage of the crowded ship, Liver sent a huge torrent of water from the air towards it, luring Bulat out in the open before sending waves of heavy attacks towards him, assuming that he successfully killed the former. To his surprise, Bulat dashed to the ship's deck to deliver a fatal blow, but Nyau, who had previously defeated Tatsumi, stepped in and managed to redirect Bulat's attack towards himself.

Having sustained heavy amount of damage and were in no condition to use their Teigu, Liver attempted to persuade Bulat to join Esdeath's group in hopes of becoming his comrade in arms once again. The man calmly rejects his offer, stating that he wouldn't be able to consider himself a defender of the people no more. Before commencing with their final sword clash, Liver injected himself with a strength enhancing drug in attempt to overpower Bulat, but lost when the later broke the former's sword and landed a fatal blow. With no other resort left, Liver used his Teigu's trump card to create darts of blood from his fresh wound and sent them flying towards the man. Bulat managed to stop most of them, while few successfully hit its target. Before dying, Liver reveals his reasons for joining Esdeath, as well as that the drug, in addition for boosting his strength, also served as poison, indicating that Bulat has been poisoned as well, once he was hit with the blood darts.

As the battle slowly came to an end, Bulat entrusted Tatsumi with Incursio's key, while Nyau used his Teigu's trump card to enhance his own strength. Wanting their final fight to last as long as possible, Nyau advised Tatsumi not to use the Teigu due to the strain it puts on its user. Due to all the training and Bulat's encouragement, Tatsumi used the key to summon Incursio. To Nyau and Bulat's surprise, the raw form of the beast appeared behind Tatsumi, before it adapted to its new user and bestowed him with its armor. Still feeling confident, Nyau charged forth with all his might, but was instantly defeated and killed with a single blow from Tatsumi. Feeling confident that the young man will continue to strive towards becoming stronger and without regrets, Bulat succumbed to the poison and died with a smile on his face, leaving Tatsumi to mourn over his death, as he promised to learn to use Incursio properly.

Far away at Tensui village, a small group gathered around a huge pile of bodies, while a young girl, known as Kurome, sat on top of the pile, eating her sweets. She shortly got informed that she was summoned to The Empire's capital to become one of the six members of the new organisation. She got up and wondered if she'll get to see her sister again.

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  • In the anime, Liver injects the doping/poison serum in his neck. Whereas in the manga, he injects it into his forearm.
  • Liver also doesn't ask Bulat for forgiving him for doping.
  • In the anime, when Tatsumi first dons Incuriso and the backstory of the armor begins, while it does continuously adapt and evolve, nothing was mentioned about how it gained it's invisibility/stealth capabilities.