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Kill the Three Part 1 (三匹を斬る- 前編-, Sanbiki o Kiru-Zenpen-) is the seventh episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


The Emperor rewards Esdeath with ten thousand gold pieces for conquering the Northern race. She gratefully thanks him as she says that she would give her reward to her soldiers back in the Northern race. Prime Minister Honest thinks that because Esdeath is not very keen on politics, he would be able to use her in demolishing unwanted things and let her do as she pleases, still having him able to control the kingdom. Esdeath then announced that she would exterminate Night Raid as it is the emperor's wish and the emperor said he would reward her with something better of her choice. She then replies with a wish that shocks both the Emperor and Prime Minister, demanding that she would like to fall in love with a man who fits her list. 

Mine and Akame are eating their food at the table, but because of the injury Mine had earned in the last battle, Akame has to feed her. Tatsumi is washing the dishes and thinks that Akame must be very strong and calm to not have shown much emotion after Sheele's death. At the thought of her death, Tatsumi thinks of Seryu, the soldier that had helped him in Episode 5 from being lost as being the one who had killed Sheele. He then finds that the job he has now is a painful line of work. 

Esdeath and Honest talk a little about love whilst walking. She tells him that she finds it quite hard to think about love when she's very interested in slaughtering. The Prime Minister's response is a true fact, stating that it's not odd to be keen on the opposite gender. Though in his mind, he never thought that 'love' would suit Esdeath much, considering she's an extreme sadist. While Esdeath thinks that love may be a bestial instinct, she states that she will take pleasure in hunting Night Raid for now. Hearing her say this, the minister tells her that he has a good idea for that. Later, Esdeath tells the Three Beasts that she will give them new orders and they respond by saying that they will accept any sort of order she gives to them much to her delight.

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  • In the manga, Bulat was to take Tatsumi to the mountains where certain danger beasts (that appear as trees) to train to improve Tatsumi's instincts, fighting ability, and stronger overall. Unlike the anime where Tatsumi spars with Bulat in the arena where he sparred with Akame.
  • In the anime, Esdeath isn't shown to be in the torture chamber of the capital when she first arrives back. Instead, she's immediately in the presence of the Emperor and the Prime Minister.
  • In the anime, Esdeath wasn't shown taking a walk in the capital and doesn't torture the sweet shop owner as he wasn't shown to attempt to bribe her.
  • In the anime, the assassination mission with Leone and Tatsumi and also the conversation how Leone get her Teigu was skipped.
  • Esdeath didn't give her list of what she desires in a lover to the Emperor like she did in the manga.
  • In the anime, the Three Beasts were present with Esdeath when she was meeting the Emperor, while in the manga they were not present.
  • In the anime, Esdeath did not request a force of six Teigu wielders to command upon meeting the Emperor and the Prime Minister.