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Kill the Dream (夢物語を斬る, Yumemonogatari o kiru) is the fifth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


In Tatsumi's dream, he sees Ieyasu and Sayo telling him to forget about them, considering he found new friends and that he shouldn't rely on them anymore. They bid him goodbye and hope to meet him again in the next life. Tatsumi then wakes up, panting and bandaged up. He found that the dream he just had was painful. Tatsumi then notices Sheele is sleeping on the side of his bed. In her sleep, Sheele murmurs that Tatsumi would be training under her for the day and he found that it was quite shocking since she's an airhead. When she wakes up, her glasses fall off and she turns and greets Tatsumi's wooden gift from his sensei (the one that saved him from getting killed by Akame the first time they met), thinking that it was him she was saying good morning to. It took her a couple of seconds to realize that she wasn't wearing her glasses. She finally finds her glasses and greets him properly.

Lubbock and Najenda discuss about Tatsumi being trained under Sheele whilst eating fruits that were prepared by Akame. Lubbock asks if it is okay for Najenda to arrange the partnering like this and she replies that it is okay since he should train under someone older because his two last superiors (Akame and Mine) weren't quite as older or younger than him. Leone walked in and put a bowl of fruits on the table, then she insists that she is next, after Sheele, to have Tatsumi train under her. Lubbock gets jealous of Tatsumi. Najenda then says that it's good for Tatsumi because 'the more experienced the assassin, the better the kill.' Lubbock and Leone are freaked out with her phrase, moving further away from her. Akame then walks in with her apron, telling them that she's making mapo doufu in a beef bowl for lunch. Lubbock says that she should let the tofu be itself and the beef bowl be beef bowl, whilst the other two agree with Akame. Then Akame adds that she should put fried chicken as a topping. Lubbock then replies that it might being too much meat, but the other two agree with Akame once again. He then finds himself at a loss, saying that the women of Night Raid are carnivorous.

Tatsumi saying Sheele did a good job for washing Mine with the laundry

Tatsumi saying Sheele did a good job for washing Mine along with the laundry

Tatsumi climbs up onto the rocks where Sheele is, covered in armor and soaking wet. She congratulates him for swimming in the river with heavy armor on. She then tells him the reasons of why she doesn't have a job: when with Akame, she burnt the meat. When with Bulat, she would make a huge mess which had him have to clean more. When with Leone, she mistook sugar for salt and Leone laughed at her. And when she worked with Mine to do the laundry, she accidentally washed Mine along with the laundry, to which Tatsumi didn't mind and tells her she did a good job. Tatsumi then asks why Sheele wasn't with the group on returning when he first met them. She responded with her forgetting the reason and apologizes. She then accidentally drops her glasses and tries to look for them. When she looks up at him, he finds the sight of her a little cute, blushing a little. He then asks her why she is in the line of work and when she finds her glasses, she responds.

Sheele about to kill her friend's ex boyfriend

Sheele about to kill her friend's ex boyfriend

She tells him how clumsy she was at normal jobs and the people would make fun of her and then she tells him how her friend, who didn't make fun of her when she made mistakes, made her truly happy at times. Then on one night, her friend's former boyfriend arrived at the door of her friend's house. He disliked her for leaving him and began destroying her house. He then went to strangle the friend and Sheele told Tatsumi how the man was on drugs. Sheele then decided that she needed to save her friend and grabbed a knife. She sliced the back of the man's throat and he died instantly. Whilst her friend was shaking from what just happened, Sheele remained calm. After that, she wasn't sent to prison because her actions were for self-defense, but she never got to see her friend again. Later on, the ex-boyfriend's friends came to her to avenge the man's death. They told her that they already killed her parents, but with the threat, Sheele still remained calm and killed them when they came to attack. She killed them all one by one with a knife, presumably the same one she killed the ex-boyfriend with, for protection. At that time, she came to realize that her loose head made her become a talented killer to which when the Revolutionary Army came to recruit her, she accepted it and became an assassin.

Tatsumi realizes, after hearing Sheele's story, how much everyone's been through. He tells her if he can manage it and she reassures him, telling him that he is good at cooking. Bulat then rises up from the river shirtless and laughing, making Tatsumi think if he could actually do it.

Then back at the base, Najenda tells Tatsumi that he can try on the Teigu that was formerly Zanku's. Tatsumi then asks if he can really try it, looking around at everyone for their approval or to see if someone else wanted it. Bulat then answers with only one Teigu per person. Lubbock backs up with saying that when operating the Teigu, it takes up a lot of physical and mental strengths. When Tatsumi tries the Teigu on, Najenda tells him there weren't any abilities shown on the documents. Akame says that he should try them out and Tatsumi agrees. He then tries to read her mind, saying that she was thinking of meat, to which she said was true and Leone replied with Tatsumi not even using the ability yet. Then Mine said that there were five abilities to it, which they already know four, so he concentrates on what the unknown fifth is. Once it's activated, Tatsumi is shocked to find Akame, Sheele and Mine in their undergarments, insinuating the fifth ability. Then the Teigu rejects him and it is taken off of him. Najenda then tells him that the Teigu didn't suit him and she was going to send it to the Revolutionary Army. Akame informs him that collecting Imperial Arms (Teigu) is an important sub-mission. Najenda then gives him a book of information about the Teigu, which he thinks is really impressive.

Tatsumi given the news that there wasn't a teigu that could resurrect the dead

Tatsumi is given the news that you can't resurrect the dead with the Teigu

After going through a couple of pages, Tatsumi asks Najenda what's the strongest Imperial Arm. She answers that it depends on the 'usage and compatibility'. But in her opinion, she said that the strongest is the Teigu that controls ice. With her information, the user is not in the Capital and is currently out conquering the northern tribes. She says that Numa Seika is the hero of the north, a prince of the northern tribes, who has never been beaten when using his spear. His army was to plan an invasion on the Capital, but someone was preventing it from happening. Lubbock then says that the woman, who they were talking about in the first place, with the ice Teigu, would probably take a year to conquer the North. Tatsumi's mood brightens and he exclaims that he would find the Imperial Arms and hopefully find one that would resurrect the dead. But everyone around him denies it, giving him logical information that such a Teigu doesn't exist. Akame then tells him to give up, otherwise it will be his weakness, which would end up with him being dead.

Sheele hugging Tatsumi

Sheele comforting Tatsumi

Because Sheele is concerned about Tatsumi, she went to the place where she knew he would go: Sayo and Ieyasu's graves. She asks why he is still awake. Tatsumi doesn't answer her question. Instead, he tells her what's been on his mind, which ends up with him crying because he didn't want to say goodbye to his dead friends. To cheer him up, Sheele hugs him from behind in a motherly way and comforts him. Tatsumi then thanks her for being nice to him, even though she's his superior for the time being. Sheele is touched by it and silently thanks him, too, as he is another reason for her being useful.

Esdeath and her army

Esdeath and her army

In the northern region, the prince of the north is found licking Esdeath's boot, naked and chained up by the neck. She has conquered the northern tribes. She then kicks the defeated prince in the face and is unsatisfied with the fact that she hasn't found a worthy enemy.

Tatsumi and Leone are walking through the slums and some people greet Leone as they pass. Tatsumi tells her that she was really popular and she replies with her being born and raised there. She is about to finish her sentence when some people come running after here, demanding for money in which she hasn't given. She and Tatsumi then run away from them with Leone saying that isn't fun. 

In the throne room, the Emperor and Prime Minister Honest are given news that two of their generals have defected to the Revolutionary Army. One of the men in the room says that the Revolutionary Army is growing stronger, but the Emperor replies that they shouldn't be flustered because the army is in the southern race and they don't have to worry yet. The Prime Minister agrees with the young Emperor and after he finishes chewing on a slab of meat, he says that there are far more important problems to deal with that include the recent deaths, and that they have to deal with Night Raid. He then announces that they will bring Esdeath back from the northern race to deal with the matter.

After losing the men that were after them, Tatsumi stops and turns around to find that he lost Leone while running. He finds himself lost and doesn't know what to do. Then Seryu finds him with her 'radar of justice' and jogs up to him. Just by looking at her uniform, Tatsumi knows that she is an Imperial Police Officer, which causes him to remember Orge. Tatsumi then notices Koro, Seryu's pet, who is actually an Imperial Arm, the Hekatonkheires Teigu. He then remembers that Koro was also in the book. Seryu asks why he is there and he responds with being lost. Seryu then says she'd take him to the place he knows and when she holds his hand, he blushes faintly, which is noticed by Koro, who got a little angry. Tatsumi then asks if all the soldiers have that Teigu and Seryu answers with her being the only one. She explains how she got the Teigu, that Koro reacted to her love of justice.

When they reach the place where Tatsumi was before, he thanks her for the help. She responds strongly and after that, her and her Teigu leave. When she leaves, Tatsumi lets out a sigh and notes that he should inform Najenda about the Imperial Arm. Seryu knows that helping people is justice, but she has to find Night Raid and then her mind flashes back to Orge, who was her teacher in training.

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