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Akame ga Kill! (アカメが斬る!, Akame ga kiru!) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Following the Emperor's defeat and Tatsumi's death, Esdeath states Tatsumi died because he was weak. However, she cannot explain a certain feeling she has now that her loved one has passed. Revolutionary Army members spot Esdeath and begin to attack her, as she is the only soldier left on the Empire's side. Esdeath uses her Teigu to swiftly eliminate them all, laying waste to the palace and killing all the people Tatsumi saved earlier, rendering his sacrifice useless. Akame questions Esdeath's motives, as the Empire has lost and there is nothing left to gain. Esdeath says that she simply wishes to be the "winner", and will create more war if there is none. Akame resolves to kill Esdeath, saying she cannot allow someone like her to live.

Akame then begins to fight against Esdeath. Esdeath, later on, expresses her excitement, fighting someone else so skilled. Akame again questions Esdeath's motives, but she simply dismisses Akame and offers her a position as her subordinate, to which Akame refuses. Esdeath states that if Akame refuses, she will die, and that is how the world works. Akame disagrees, stating that human lives are not something to be trampled on, which Esdeath dismisses, saying she cannot understand. The two resume their battle, but Esdeath quickly proves her superiority and outduels Akame. When she has Akame pinned down, she states the weak do not deserve to fight against her. Akame asks Esdeath what she thinks people's lives are, and Esdeath responds that she has no interest in the weak. Angered, Akame knocks Esdeath away, surprising Esdeath.

Akame then slices herself with Murasame, empowering herself with its cursed strength. Esdeath expresses her excitement, as Akame has revealed her trump card. Akame states that she has killed many people, and that Murasame remembers everyone it has killed, and that she shoulders the burden for all of them. Akame declares that even at the cost of her life, she will defeat Esdeath. With this newfound power, Akame is now able to fight on par with Esdeath. She proves to be too quick for Esdeath to handle and is able to pin her down. Esdeath shields herself with ice, but Akame is able to power through the ice and pierce Esdeath's left arm with Murasame. Poisoned, Esdeath slices off her left arm, but still shows excitement as she goes insane.

The fight resumes, and Esdeath splatters blood over Akame's eyes to blind her, but Akame quickly recovers. However, Akame has exhausted the majority of her power, noting that her new powers will run out soon and that she should finish the fight soon. However, Esdeath uses Mahapadma, freezing time. As Esdeath tries to finish off Akame, an afterimage takes her place, and Akame slices Esdeath from above as Mahapadma wears off. Esdeath asks Akame how she was able to move while Mahapadma was active, and Akame claims Esdeath was merely looking at an image of her bloodlust. Esdeath says she still does not understand but willingly accepts defeat. She then walks towards Tatsumi's corpse and holds him, wishing that he was beside her. She then encases both of them in ice, which explodes, destroying both of their bodies. Akame and Najenda mourn the death of Tatsumi as Wave and Run say their goodbyes to Esdeath, stating both Esdeath and Tatsumi are finally resting in peace.

Honest attempts to escape, arrogantly believes as long as he is alive, he can take over the Empire again, but he is caught by Leone, who refuses to let him escape with his life. Honest calls out his guards to save him, but no one comes for him and without the Emperor, he is left defenseless and Leone attempts to finish him once and for all. However, he brings out Erastone, which destroys Lionelle, returning Leone back to her human form. He then pulls out a gun and shoots her, and taunts Leone that the foolish should be punished. However, Leone disagrees with that statement as she fights through the pain and is able to withstand it with brute force and gives him a well deserved punch and he is knocked to the ground. As he reels in pain, she grabs his beard and he questions why she is doing this to him, but she condemns his actions. Knowing his corrupted ways have taken many lives, even after Tatsumi died saving many wounded people. She vows to kill him for his crimes and tyranny as Honest shoots her multiple times, but fails to kill her as he runs out of bullet. With Honest helpless to do anything else and his fate sealed, Leone proceeds to strike Honest multiple times and crushes his head, finally killing the Prime Minister and completing Night Raid's mission.

With Honest's death, the war is finally over. After the revolution, Akame and Leone meet over the wall that used to surround the palace. The two bid farewell to each other, since Night Raid is not needed anymore. The citizens celebrate the Revolutionary Army's victory, and a parade is held. Leone walks off into an empty alley and dies from the wounds received from Honest. As for the Emperor, he is sentenced to execution on the guillotine by Najenda for Tatsumi's demise, half the kingdom he demolished and the countless people he wounded and killed. The Emperor realizes his mistakes that he failed to protect the Empire when it needed protection and he gladly pays for it with his life by dying with honor. The Emperor asks Najenda to rebuild this kingdom with no more bloodshed. Najenda keeps her promise as the Emperor gets decapitated by the guillotine, indicating it is finally the last drop of bloodshed. Wave and Run visit Kurome's grave, declaring that they will both help the new kingdom. Back at Tatsumi's hometown village, everyone gathers as they have received a large sum of money. Now that they no longer have to starve, they plan to celebrate when Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu return, unaware that the three of them have all died and will not come back.

In the Capital, the citizens are working together to rebuild it, Bols' wife and daughter among them. Akame and Najenda meet together, the latter impressed at how quickly the Capital is repairing itself. Najenda notes her lifespan has been shortened by Magatama Manifestation, but she will gladly use the rest of it to help rebuild the kingdom. Akame volunteers to have all of the wrongdoings of the Revolutionary Army placed on herself. Akame thanks Najenda for letting her into Night Raid, and the two part, with Najenda telling Akame to survive. Later on, Night Raid's existence has been erased from all records.

In a post-credits scene, Akame wanders in a desert, ambushed by several people who appear to be Teigu users. She again states that as a survivor, she shoulders the feelings of her deceased comrades, and begins battle with the group of bandits.

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