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Kill the Emperor (皇帝を斬る, Kōtei o Kiru) is the twenty-third and penultimate episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime series


Wave visits Kurome's grave on the outskirts of the Capital. He talks about his past, having idolized a general in the army. He then confesses that he no longer knows what he is fighting for, now that the rebellion is starting and the corruption within the Capital is starting to arise.

At Night Raid's hideout, Tatsumi, Akame and Leone discuss their possible future after the rebellion's conclusion. Najenda enters, thanking the three for their efforts up to this point, and discusses Night Raid's final mission: to assassinate Prime Minister Honest and complete the rebellion.

The next day, Najenda and the Revolutionary Army launch a frontal attack on the Capital to act as a diversion so Tatsumi, Akame and Leone can break into the palace. They are stopped by Run, who admits to agreeing with Night Raid's motives and views on the Capital, but also criticizes their methods. He attacks them with his Teigu, and reveals his past as being a teacher in a poor village, whose students were kidnapped and killed. The Capital did not recognize this event as a crime, leading Run to want to change the Capital from within. Leone and Run argue over each other's morals, leading Leone to holding him off while Akame and Tatsumi head for the Prime Minister.

In the throne room, the Emperor learns of the rapid growth of the rebellion, and once again questions if he had been a bad ruler. However, Honest reassures him that he has done nothing wrong, blaming it on the rebellion and that they are being foolish. He then tells the Emperor that at times like this, a ruler must be cruel to show that the people must not go against their king. Tatsumi and Akame enter the room, with the latter attempts to attack Honest, but is blocked by a barrier. The Emperor blames Night Raid for causing chaos in the kingdom. However, Tatsumi attempts to convince him that Honest has been manipulating him and he is the one who caused the chaos under his tyanny and allowing the innocent to die. However. Honest denies his accusation, stating that what he did was for the Emperor, but Tatsumi calls him out on his lies and tells him to hear what's happening outside, that the Empire is finished, much to Honest's anger, who tells him to shut his mouth. He then tells the Emperor to bring out the Capital's strongest Teigu: Shikoutazer. Honest begins ranting that anyone who goes against the Emperor will be punished by God as the Shikoutazer has been unleashed.

The Emperor uses Shikoutazer and shoots gigantic energy beams, destroying large portions of the capital in order to demonstrate his power, and to discourage any rebels or citizens from going against him. Honest praises his actions, stating his late parents are proud and he is a true emperor and tells him to finish off the rebellion. Tatsumi begins fighting the Emperor, but proves to be no match for him. Tatsumi criticizes the Emperor's action, as he is killing his own people, which is something a leader does not do, but he silences him, as he justifies his actions as the Emperor and once again blames Night Raid for causing this mess. Honest cheers for the Emperor and warns him not to listen to Tatsumi, that if he stops, then all they have done to take over the Empire will have been for nothing. The Emperor agrees to his words, earning Tatsumi's anger.

Tatsumi mocks the Emperor for being deceived and used by Honest as his puppet, but he is too selfish and blinded by power to listen, warning him to shut up. His repeated attempts to stop the Emperor fail, as he is slowly becoming weaker from receiving each attack. Some pieces of building debris begin to fly around the Capital due to the fight. Just as Tatsumi is about to be crushed underfoot by the colossal Teigu, Wave arrives to save him, stating that he will help him take down the Emperor. Honest accuses him of turning against the Empire, but Wave ignores him, stating that he is a solider, whose duty is to protect the people.

Leone and Run both save some civilians from being crushed, ending their previous fight, and Run stating he no longer sides with the capital. However, even their combined strength is no match for Shikoutazer's defense. After repeated attacks, Tatsumi notices that striking Shikoutazer's abdomen area appears to damage it. He recalls Susanoo teaching him that everything has a weak point, leading Tatsumi to conclude that the abdomen of Shikoutazer is its fatal area. Wave acts as a distraction so that Tatsumi can get closer, but he gets knocked away, receiving critical injuries, deactivating Incursio. Wave is also badly wounded with Grand Chariot deactivated, unable to assist Tatsumi any longer. A desperate Emperor questions why Tatsumi keeps on fighting him and begs him to give up. However, Tatsumi ignores his pleas, telling him not to underestimate him and begins to remember his fallen comrades, and knowing he cannot let them down, he activates Incursio again, which takes on a golden form with wings, gaining increased power. With this new power, Tatsumi strikes Shikoutazer's weak point again, with the Emperor screaming in pain by its shock, and this time piercing through and destroying it, much to the shock and disbelief of Honest, as his plans begin to fall apart.

However, Shikoutazer begins to fall over, heading towards another group of civilians. Tatsumi rushes over to stop Shikoutazer from reaching the civilians and with the rest of his strength, halts it before it can reach them. This ends with him being crushed with a bloody impact, screaming in agony as he saves everyone. Tatsumi is left fatally wounded after saving the people, as Akame rushes over to Tatsumi's battered and bloodied body. He then apologizes to her, saying that he is no longer able to keep his promise. Akame then cries over the choice he made that broke his promise while Tatsumi dies in her arms. Later on, the Emperor laments his defeat and questions if the Empire really lost, while Esdeath walks over to Akame and Tatsumi's corpse.

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