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Kill the Carnage (修羅を斬る, Shura o Kiru) is the twentieth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Honest and his group of government officials are meeting within the palace, noting the rapid advancement of the Revolutionary Army. As they begin to panic, Budo steps in, declaring he will protect the kingdom no matter what. Honest then introduces Syura and his elite unit to the officials. Syura confidently claims that he can handle the situation, and that Budo's involvement is unnecessary. However, Budo ignores his remark, stating that there are "some rats who come before the whole swarm".

Later on at the Jaegers' residence, Wave comments on how much emptier the place has gotten due to half of their members being deceased. Run comes in to bring food, and they discuss the state of the revolution. Wave expresses his frustration, saying that the Jaegers should be helping out instead of standing idle. The tension is broken when Kurome asks for seconds, but she then collapses and falls unconscious due to the injury inflicted on her by Chelsea.

Outside the palace, soldiers begin to gather and prepare for the revolution, and are being watched by Tatsumi and Lubbock. Underground, Leone and Mine walk through a sewer pathway where Leone teases Mine about her relationship with Tatsumi, causing the latter to become flustered. At some ruins in a forest, Najenda, Akame and Susanoo prepare for the upcoming revolution.

Lubbock and Tatsumi stay in an alley to rendezvous with an agent from the Revolutionary Army, where Lubbock teases Tatsumi about Mine. When Tatsumi denies anything going on and Lubbock asking if they had kissed, the agent arrives. She leads them into a secret area in the palace where a Revolutionary Army meeting is supposed to take place. However, once they arrive, they see everyone in the meeting slaughtered, and the building they were inside explodes, revealing it to be a trap. Tatsumi and Lubbock are confronted by Budo and Syura, and proceed to battle.

Tatsumi faces off against Budo, but he proves to be no match against the general, and is easily defeated and restrained. Lubbock fights against Syura, who taunts Lubbock by flaunting off his Teigu's teleporting powers. Lubbock attempts to move into areas Syura has not marked, only to find out that everywhere in the palace, even in the air is marked. Lubbock uses this opportunity to set traps with Cross Tail, but is betrayed by the agent earlier, who is revealed to have been working for Syura, who has her family captive. The agent had been secretly working for Syura in order to have a chance of her family set free. Angry that she had interfered, Syura kills the agent, and laughs as her family had been long dead.

Syura then transports Lubbock into a separate dimension, where he claims that no one has escaped from. However, Lubbock pulls Syura into the dimension with him, and declares he has no right to use other people as tools. Lubbock pierces Syura through the heart, killing him. However, they are transported back to the palace, thousands of feet in the air with no means of recovering. Lubbock runs out of his wire, and acknowledges that this is the end for him. He lands on a cluster of spears, dying immediately, to the horror of Tatsumi.

Later on, as Tatsumi is imprisoned, Budo reports what happened to Honest. Initially, he appears upset over Syura's death, but then quickly brushes it off, much to Budo's disgust. Esdeath enters, asking Budo to hand over the responsibility of Tatsumi to her. The next day, Tatsumi's public execution has been announced, with the rest of the members of Night Raid in shock.

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  • In the anime, Adramelech's full name was stated to be "Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech".