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Kill the Authority (権力を殺す, Kenryoku wo Korosu) is the second episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Tatsumi is taken to Night Raid's secret hideout by Leone, in which he's introduced to the rest of the members of Night Raid--Bulat, Sheele, Mine, Najenda, Lubbock, and of course Akame, the latter of which who tried to kill him the previous night--and instantly formed distinct relationships with each one of them. While he doesn't think much of Bulat, Sheele, Mine, Najenda or Lubbock either way, he still gets flustered around Leone all the time, and begins to dislike Akame, both because of her strange attitude towards him, and because she tried to kill him the previous night. Before Tatsumi can be accepted into Night Raid, he has to help them with a specific assassination to prove his skill to them. Their goal is to take out two individuals who are high up in the government. Leone and Akame successfully take out one of them, and Tatsumi, with a little bit of struggle, takes out the other one on his own, earning their trust and becoming an official member of Night Raid after Akame's inspection of seeing any bodily injuries. Tatsumi is then informed by Najenda that he will be working with Mine for now, while in the distance Mine feels a chill, questioning why she felt it.

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  • The scenes from the manga were partially skipped in this episode, but were later added as a part of Episode 3.[1] [2]
  • In the manga, Najenda first tells Tatsumi after defeating some intruders, that he'll be partnered up with Akame and begin prepping for the next mission,[3] while in the anime, she tells him right after Tatsumi joins Night Raid.


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