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Kill the Demon (鬼を斬る, Oni o Kiru) is the eighteenth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Tatsumi reminisces about Sheele, Bulat and Chelsea, regretting that he could not spend more time with them. He had wanted to fight alongside with them in the upcoming revolution. He then begins to wonder if they would possibly survive had he been stronger. However, his thoughts are interrupted by Mine, who tells him to hurry up, as Night Raid prepares to assassinate Bolic in Kyoroch.

In the Kyoroch palace, Esdeath and the Jaegers are sent by Prime Minister Honest to help protect Bolic from Night Raid. Bolic then introduces the Four Rakshasa Demons, his four personal bodyguards from the Capital, to the Jaegers. Seryu doubts their capabilities, noting that they do not have Teigu, but Ibara suddenly appears behind her, reassuring they can fight on par with Teigu users. The rest of the three Rakshasa Demons note that although Teigu are powerful, their wielders are merely human, and that they have defeated Teigu users before. As Ibara continues to brag about their abilities, Esdeath holds an ice spear to his neck, berating him for underestimating Night Raid. She then notes that Bolic has gathered not only his personal guards, but also the Jaegers to defend him, making her conclude him being extremely cautious.

Wave then notices Kurome become exhausted due to Chelsea's earlier assassination attempt. He then recalls the day Bols was killed, and he found Kurome unconscious. Wave then cursed himself for not being alongside his comrades to help him, but Run stated that he took the hit from Susanoo intended for Kurome, effectively protecting her. They took her inside to recover from her injuries. Esdeath entered, having dissected Chelsea's body, but was unable to discover anything about her. Seryu then got permission from Esdeath to feed Chelsea's body to Koro, much to his delight. Suddenly, Kurome woke up, appearing to be all fine, to the surprise of Wave. She then asked Esdeath if she can continue to work under her. Esdeath attacked Kurome to test her condition, in which Kurome successfully defended against, allowing her to resume her position in the Jaegers.

In the present, Kurome, now extremely exhausted, locks herself in a bedroom provided by Bolic, but is followed by Wave. He tells her that she cannot fight in her current condition, and begins to report it to Esdeath, but Kurome comes out. She states that weakened soldiers like her are of no use, and are disposed of. Refusing such a fate, she states that if she were to die, she would die fighting. She then gets up, seemingly fine, and apologizes to Wave for making him worry.

In the streets of Kyoroch, Tatsumi and Mine scout the area. Tatsumi notes the lack of wanted posters, and suggests that they can be less alert as Night Raid is less known in Kyoroch, but Mine insists that they keep their guard up. Tatsumi then buys some ice cream, much to the annoyance of Mine, as she says he wasn't listening to her. However, Tatsumi states that if they are on guard too much, it creates tension that enemies can notice. He goes on to say that acting casual would help them blend in more. Mine then notes how Tatsumi has matured since although he was extremely upset at Chelsea's death, he is calm and focused on the mission. She accepts the ice cream, finding it surprisingly good.

Meanwhile, Lubbock scouts the streets closer to the palace. He notes the easiness of slipping into a crowd, and plans to gather information to score points with Najenda. He then imagines Najenda naked, pleasing himself greatly, and anticipates meeting her afterwards. However, he is spotted by Mez and Sten, who notice his way of walking. They infer that he is someone who has fought many battles, and conclude that he is one of the enemies. They then decide to kill him later on.

At night in a nearby graveyard, Revolutionary Army members report to Akame that a hidden passageway connecting the graveyard and the palace exists. However, Ibara sneaks up on the two army members and beheads them. He then reveals himself to Akame, who remembers him from the assassination units in the Capital. She prepares to fight him, but he like the other Rakshasa Demons can control their entire bodies as they please, allowing him to bend and twist his body at will, easily avoiding Akame's attacks. He then begins a long-range relentless attack of punches by extending his arms. He then notes the sinister aura emitting from Murasame. When Akame tries to strike back, he grabs Murasame from her, only for it to reject him, as the Teigu and Ibara are not compatible. While he is distracted, Akame breaks Ibara's neck, forcing him to drop Murasame. She then tells him by calling it sinister, Murasame did not get along with Ibara, therefore preventing Ibara from wielding it. Infuriated, Ibara begins to charge at Akame, only for her to slice him up, as his emotional outburst allowed an opening for her to attack. Ibara chuckles, stating Akame is very dangerous, and that he might have fallen for her, and dies shortly after.

Mez and Sten attack Lubbock, and chase him down the streets. Sten charges at Lubbock and punches him with such brute force that he slams into the ground, slightly buried. Sten assumes Lubbock has died, and laughs at his fragility. Unbeknownst to Sten, Lubbock used Cross Tail to absorb the impact. Therefore, only taking little damage. Lubbock pretends to be dead, and impatiently waits for Sten to leave. However, Mez catches a woman working for the Revolutionary Army who was supposed to meet with Lubbock earlier. Sten offers to "free her soul," and grabs her by the neck as she pleads for help. Lubbock hesitates, stating he cannot save her right now, but gives in and throws a knife at Sten, who catches it. Mez then mocks Lubbock, calling him an idiot and that he should have stayed playing dead. Lubbock then says he cannot watch an ally die if he can save them. He then brings out Cross Tail, daring the two Rakshasa Demons to come at him.

Lubbock flaunts around Cross Tail, swinging it around wildly. He then begins to battle Sten. After a brief skirmish, Lubbock forms a speak made of wire, and attacks Sten, but it has no effect. Sten mocks the power of Lubbock's attack, but Lubbock claims he has done what he wanted. Mez and Sten notice the woman from earlier is gone, and Lubbock suddenly runs away. They then conclude Lubbock was using flashy moves to distract them so the woman could escape. Sten then charges towards Lubbock at a high-speed, but is caught by a wire on the neck, slightly cutting it. Lubbock then impales Sten with his spear, has wires wrap around his heart, and crushes it, killing Sten.

Mez expresses her surprise at Lubbock being able to take down Sten. She then uses her sweat control to wet Cross Tail's wires, rendering them useless. She then dashes around the area, and Lubbock cannot keep up with her speed. She attacks him before he can react, and he is severely wounded. He then throws two knives at her, in which she easily dodges. She then proceeds closer to Lubbock, and prepares to kill him. Lubbock compliments on her looks, saying that if the two were not enemies, he would want to seduce her. She shows mutual feelings towards him, but states only in another lifetime. As Mez is about to kill Lubbock, the two knives come back and stab her in the back, incapacitating her. Lubbock reveals he tied thin wires to the knives so he could bring them back. He then finishes off Mez, but becomes upset at how many cute girls he has had to kill.

On the outskirts of Kyoroch, Mine complains about how searching the area is tedious, and that if she was allowed to shop, she would be able to search easier. Tatsumi expresses his disdain for her shopping as he recalls from when he first joined Night Raid. The two then argue loudly, only to be interrupted by the leader of the Path of Peace. He comments on how Tatsumi and Mine are bound by the red string of fate, bewildering the two, who both deny wanting to be with the other.

At the Kyoroch Palace, Bolic prepares a false ritual with a young woman; however, a guard reports that three of the four Rakshasa Demons have been eliminated. Seryu states that the Jaegers are the only ones who can match Night Raid now, and Esdeath declares she will defeat Najenda once she enters the palace.

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  • In this episode, there were a few edits and changes:
    • The Jaegers aren't seen wearing their formal outfits when meeting with Bolic.
    • Night Raid is not shown on the rooftops upon entering Kyoroch.
    • Suzuka does not mention herself and the other Rakshasa Demons acquiring and delivering five Teigu to Minister Honest.
    • In the manga, Akame fights Run first and Ibara afterwards. In the episode, she first fights Ibara with Run showing up later and leaving without a fight.
      • Ibara does not mention being on the same assassination squad as Akame when he confronts her in the manga.
    • In the manga, Suzuka fights and kills a few Revolutionary Army members, this was omitted from the episode.
    • The scene where Wave goes to check up on Kurome after she recovers from her injury is different, as Wave doesn't bring Kurome any canned food like he does in the manga.
    • Esdeath is not shown tossing Chelsea's severed arm to Seryu after giving her permission to feed Chelsea's remains to Koro.
    • Bolic does not think to himself about Dr. Stylish's discovery that the miracles performed by the Path of Peace's leader are possible due to his status as a Human-Danger Beast hybrid.
    • In the manga, Esdeath advises Seryu to play with the children to help her relax so she can better carry out the Jaegers' mission to protect Bolic. This scene was left out of the anime.