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Kill the Curse (呪縛を斬る, Jubaku o Kiru) is the seventeenth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Shown from the previous episode, Bols threw up Rubicante's gas tank in the air and Leone saying aloud what she might think he'd do. In his hand, Bols presses a portable device that blows the tank up and makes a big explosion. Tatsumi, Mine, Najenda and Susanoo are also caught up in the explosion with Tatsumi defending them and wondering what is happening. He looks around to find that Kurome isn't there. Though Kurome did escape with her childhood friend, Natala, she knew that Bols had made the explosion and predicted that he didn't survive. She even wonders if Akame is okay. In the middle of the aftermath, Leone had shielded Akame with Wall's shield and passes out. 

Bols is seen injured, as he was able to get away from the explosion. He's then taken back to a flashback of him talking to Esdeath, who asked why he'd always cooked for them but never sat and ate with them. Bols answered with his face being unpleasant for them to eat while in his presence. Esdeath took on the challenge and took off his mask, replying with a smile that he didn't look so bad and saying she was a little disappointed. Bols then partook into having meals with everyone and felt happy as he wishes in the present that they could do so again.

Bols then spots a little girl injured and comes to her, but the girl is afraid of him, thinking he is a ghost because of his mask. Bols tells her not to be afraid and bandages her when he see she is injured. The little girl thanks him, but says that the places he burned will never be better while she stabs him in the back of his neck. The girl reveals herself to be Chelsea in disguise as one of the victims Bols killed due to their village being suspected of aiding the Revolutionary Army. As Bols realizes that today was the day he would have to face retribution, he tries to fight off the poison to get back home, but dies. As Chelsea leans back against a tree and says a battle between those who work in the shadow is really painful, Lubbock comes and is glad Chelsea managed to take Bols out. Chelsea states that she is going after Kurome and Lubbock tries to warn her that it is dangerous and notes that rouge that wasn't her style. When Chelsea states that they can't allow Kurome get more puppets, Lubbock agrees to let her pursue Kurome, but states he will get reinforcements for her and leaves. As Chelsea thanks him, she says that she's gotten soft but tries to focus on the mission and disguises herself as Bols and goes after Kurome.

In a nearby cabin with Night Raid resting, Leone prepares to have her arm reattached. Lubbock enters, reporting Chelsea's intentions, prompting Najenda to send Tatsumi and Akame as reinforcements. Chelsea later meets up with Kurome, the latter not knowing Bols' fate. They proceed to travel to the nearby town of Romaly, but Kurome collapses from exhaustion from using her Teigu. Chelsea catches Kurome off guard, poisoning her. Chelsea then reveals herself, shocking Kurome, who then appears to die from her wound.

Chelsea states her mission has been accomplished, as both targets were taken out. She then begins to remember when she first used her Teigu. Chelsea used to work for a corrupt viceroy who hunted and killed people for sport. Disgusted by his actions, Chelsea discovered Gaea Foundation in a basement and used it to assassinate the viceroy. Due to the positive reception to his death, Chelsea realized she could help change the kingdom of its corrupt nature.

Kurome suddenly wakes up, shocking Chelsea. Kurome agonizingly struggles to stand up, stating new drugs were developed for her to take following Akame's departure (hence why Kurome's always eating candy) and that she cannot be killed directly unless stabbed through the heart or decapitated. Chelsea makes a smoke screen and begins to escape. Kurome sends Natala and Doya after her. Overhearing Chelsea's statement about her mission being accomplished, Kurome vows to avenge Bols. Chelsea attempts to transform and escape, but her Teigu is destroyed by Doya and all the fingers on her left hand aside from her thumb are severed by Natala. She manages to escape them, only for Natala to catch up and slice off her right arm. Doya then shoots Chelsea in the back, fatally wounding her. In her final moments, Chelsea realizes she is facing retribution and wonders what would happen if her mission was successful. Natala then slices off her head, killing her.

In Romaly, Tatsumi and Akame try to track down Chelsea. As they were following a trail of blood, they theorize it could be either Chelsea's or Kurome's. Using Incursio's invisibility to infiltrate the city, Tatsumi assures himself that Chelsea wouldn't be so reckless, and the blood couldn't have been hers. However, he notices a commotion within a town square, and to his horror, sees Chelsea's decapitated head on a spike held high above the ground.

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  • Lubbock encounters Chelsea after she transforms into Bols in the manga, while in the anime, he encounters her before she transforms.
  • Chelsea's flashback does not show the new viceroy restoring order to the land like in the manga.
  • Chelsea does not pick up Yatsufusa after attacking Kurome in the manga.