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Kill the Newcomers (新入りを斬る, Shiniri o Kiru) is the twelfth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


After Dr. Stylish's death, Night Raid ventures into a Danger Beast-infested area so they can set up their new hideout. Najenda introduces Susanoo and Chelsea, the two new recruits from the previous episode. After their introduction, Chelsea berates Night Raid for their incompetence, which she alleges led to Sheele and Bulat's deaths. Angered, Mine decides to teach Chelsea a lesson and recruits Lubbock and Tatsumi. Tatsumi uses Incursio to sneak on the hot spring where Chelsea is bathing. However, Tatsumi instead confronts Susanoo. Susanoo is actually Chelsea using her Imperial Arm known as Gaea Foundation that changes her physical appearance. Chelsea tells her story about her former team being massacred, leaving her as the sole survivor. Tatsumi then realizes that Chelsea berated Night Raid because she did not want them to die as her former team did. Meanwhile, a depressed Esdeath learns of the loss of Dr. Stylish and comforts Seryu when she grieves his death. At the Capital, Run tells Esdeath that there are many lookalikes of Tatsumi for her to court. Esdeath then declares there is only one Tatsumi. At the mining caves, mysterious Danger Beasts devour the miners as a hooded man gleefully watches, planning to amuse himself in the Capital with his new "toys".

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  • In the manga, Mine mentions Night Raid recovering Perfector from Dr. Stylish when the Air Manta departs with it. Tatsumi also asks why they don't ride the Air Manta into the Imperial Palace, only for Akame to inform him of the Danger Beasts guarding the palace's airspace that are controlled by a Teigu.
  • In the anime, the hooded man is missing a mark on his right sleeve.