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Kill the Mad Scientist (マッドサイエンティストを斬る, Maddo Saientisuto o Kiru) is the eleventh episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Team Stylish carries out their attack on the Night Raid base. Multiple foot soldiers die during the assault. A member named Trooma incapacitates Leone. One of the members named Toby duels Akame. Akame is unable to poison him fatally with her Imperial Arm because his body is mostly machine due to it being installed with multiple weapons. She is eventually able to kill him after he is impaled by Lubbock in an ambush. Meanwhile, Tatsumi fights Kaku, another member of Team Stylish. Tatsumi is shocked to find that he has Sheele's old Imperial Arm known as Extase. The battle is interrupted by Mine, who is also horrified to see Extase in his possession. Mine quickly kills Kaku and safely retrieves Extase. Trooma prepares to ambush Mine, but is attacked by Leone, who had recovered. Leone accidentally kills him with a single blow, which displeases her. After Night Raid regroups, everyone but Tatsumi collapses, having been afflicted with a paralytic poison during the battle. When more foot soldiers move in, a biological Imperial Arm named Susanoo intervenes and dispatches them. Outmatched, Dr. Stylish injects himself with a liquid that turns him into a Danger Beast, and he consumes his remaining men. Tatsumi, Akame and Susanoo fight Dr. Stylish before he is shot by Mine. Akame slashes Dr. Stylish's real body contained within the Danger Beast, killing him. Najenda and a girl observe the aftermath of the battle.

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  • In the manga, there is a brief scene of Night Raid's party celebrating Tatsumi's return with Team Stylish waiting outside their base before the latter begins their attack.
  • Dr. Stylish isn't shown conversing with Me and Hana about not telling Esdeath and Seryu about locating Night Raid, nor is he shown giving Kaku and Toby their orders before they engage Night Raid.
  • Toby is accompanied by two giant soldiers when he meets Akame in the manga. These soldiers go on to keep Lubbock from interfering with Toby and Akame's duel. In the anime, Toby meets Akame by himself and the giant soldiers crash through the ceiling after the duel has begun to stop Lubbock from interfering.
  • Akame is in her normal clothes when she and Lubbock regroup with the others in the manga, while she remains in her sleepwear in the anime.
  • Najenda is not shown suggesting to Chelsea that they stay on the Air Manta to avoid danger.
  • In the anime, after Najenda spots Dr. Stylish's group, she tells Susanoo that they are to the southeast, while in the manga, she says they are to the southwest.
  • In the manga, after Dr. Stylish transforms into a Danger Beast using his Danger Beast Shot, Mine fires one shot from Pumpkin to knock him down. Two shots are fired in the anime.
  • Chelsea removes her hood after Dr. Stylish's defeat in the anime, while she keeps it on in the manga.