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Kill the Temptation (誘惑を斬る, Yūwaku o Kiru) is the tenth episode of the Akame ga Kill! anime.


Following Tatsumi's capture by Esdeath, Tatsumi is dragged along with Esdeath and the Jaegers to raid and destroy a bandit's fortress as a backup Jaeger. Esdeath forces Tatsumi to watch the destruction as a part of his training. Afterwards, Esdeath tries to seduce Tatsumi in her bedroom. Tatsumi resists the temptation and believes he can convince her to turn against the Empire. However, Esdeath slaps him and explains her motive of "survival of the fittest" as well as her being the one to change Tatsumi, even if it means protecting his family. After further arguing, they both decide to end the discussion and sleep with neither convincing each other. However, Esdeath remains in love with Tatsumi. The next day, Tatsumi meets up with Wave and Kurome. Tatsumi notices Kurome's gluttony. Kurome reveals that she is Akame's sister and wants to kill her for betraying the Capital. Later, Esdeath, Kurome, Wave and Tatsumi go on a hunt at Mount Fake, with Tatsumi and Wave pairing up together. Both Tatsumi and Wave fight tree-like Danger Beasts with ease and without their Imperial Arms. Upon destroying the monsters, Tatsumi attempts to escape using Incursio and Wave follows him with his Imperial Arm known as Grand Chariot. Unaware of each other's identities, Wave attacks Tatsumi. Tatsumi tries to escape once more, but is defeated with a kick that sends him into the river. Wave follows the river's current, believing Tatsumi used it to escape. Tatsumi then emerges from the river, having used Incursio's invisibility to hide himself, and is rescued by Akame and Lubbock. Wave is punished by Esdeath for allowing Tatsumi to escape. Tatsumi returns to the Night Raid base and tells them about the Jaegers. Meanwhile, Dr. Stylish and his subordinates, known as Team Stylish, locate the Night Raid base and prepare to attack.

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  • In the manga, Tatsumi was introduced to the Jaegers immediately after the tournament that he participated in, and the team is assigned their first mission. The episode skips this part and begins with the Jaegers starting and completing said mission.
  • Dr. Stylish doesn't show both sides of his Teigu, Perfector. The only side shown was his support ability when he healed Seryu. He didn't show his capabilities of creating an army.
  • This is the first time that the anime has gone to Mt. Fake.
    • In the manga, this is the second time going the Mt. Fake, the first was when Tatsumi and Bulat were training.
  • When Esdeath is asking Bols for relationship advice, Tatsumi wasn't in the room, nor were they at the Capital. In the manga, she was asking him after their assignment.
  • When Wave is being tortured by Esdeath in the manga, there are four blocks of stone on his knees before Esdeath orders Kurome to place an additional block. In the anime, there are three blocks of stone on Wave's knees prior to that order.
    • Esdeath also orders Kurome to hold a lit candle near the back of Wave's neck, which doesn't happen in the anime.
  • Night Raid's discussion about the Jaegers is shortened from the manga.
    • Akame doesn't ask Tatsumi if Kurome was constantly eating cookies.
    • Mine doesn't state she will kill Kurome if she attacks Night Raid.
    • Night Raid does not discuss the Jaegers' Teigu and settle on obtaining Perfector first by killing Dr. Stylish.
      • Akame doesn't share the ability of her sister, Kurome and her Teigu, Yatsufusa.
  • Dr. Stylish doesn't compliment Hana, Me, and Mimi on their abilities on their way to Night Raid's base.