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The Enthusiasts of the Capital were a group of men who bought small girls from poor villages in order to break them down after seeing their happiest faces. At some point, they worked with a slave broker named Bach.


The Enthusiasts lived in a big mansion in The Empire's capital. When Bach brought them Air, Fal and Luna, they proceeded to subject them to torture and humiliation, resulting in the deaths of two of the girls. The surviving girl, Air, eventually managed to gain her master's adoration and was allowed to go outside, where she contacted Night Raid. Later, the assassins infiltrated the mansion and killed everyone inside it.


  • Suka †(Leader and founder; Killed by Night Raid's Lubbock)
  • An unnamed overweight man who ordered Luna's eyes to be cut out with a knife. He claimed to enjoy "licking girls" like her. He was killed by Mine.
  • A unnamed man dressed as an clown who owned a Doberman called Little Doggy and claimed to love it as if it was his child. He ordered for Air to be stripped and unleashed Little Doggy, who was in heat, at her, while having everyone else watch it. Later, Air herself started behaving like a dog to please him. He was killed by Mine.
  • A large group of bald men wearing suits and sunglasses who appeared to follow the others' orders. All of them were killed by Akame and Leone.