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The Parents of the Emperor were the former rulers of the Empire until their demise.


Their personalities are unknown; however, according to a statement from Honest, they were fair rulers.


The father had shoulder-length green hair, a fair complexion, and light eyes. The mother also had a fair complexion, light eyes, was seen wearing a long dress that covered her legs and forearms, and had two white feathers on her head.


The parents of the Emperor were killed by Honest. At some point, the father obtained the position of Emperor when his father or relative passed away, and later together with his wife, had a son.

They had a closeness with Honest, which allowed him to methodically supply them with poison through their food and achieve the death of the father, while the mother forced the poison down her throat and treated him with suicide, thus he executed his plan to carry to manipulate their son.


  • The first mention of the Emperor's parents was not in the manga, but they were mentioned by Honest in the final episode of the anime, alluding to what he had to do with their deaths.