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The Elite Seven (選抜組 Senbatsugumi, lit. "Selected Group") was one of several squads of killers who were recruited as children.


The Empire began to form these elite squads when rebellions began to rise due to the Empire's increasing corruption, and the need to quell these rebellions became vital to the Empire's survival. The Empire acquired an estimated 100 children to take part in a cruel exam in which the participants were dropped into a forest full of Danger Beasts and challenged to survive. The first 7 survivors were then recruited into a group and the remaining survivors into another group.

The Elite Seven is led and coached by Gozuki, who took the strongest seven of the survivors of the forest exam as his proteges and trained them in the assassin's trade, having them refer to him as "father" and considering them his children in return, but will discard them should they fail him.

After Najasho went missing, Akame took over as the chief of the group. Group of Terror recruits new members while the rest of the original members are transferred into Elite Seven to recuperate its strength after the raid on the tomb.

Later upon the deaths of Gozuki and Tsukushi, Poney's defection to search for Najasho and Akame's betrayal in favor for the Revolutionary Army, the Group was officially disbanded and its surviving, loyal Members Kurome and Natala were moved to the Dark Squad.


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  • It was noted by Babara Oarburgh that the Group itself's combat prowess was already in the level of the Four Rakshasa Demons making them one of the youngest and most powerful assassination units within the Empire.