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Drugs (薬剤, Yakuzai) are chemical substances that can have biological and psychological effects on living beings. They come in a variety of forms and can be used in the treatment of an injury or prevent it from further deteriorating, take away pain, enhance physical or mental well-being and for other various uses.


  • Aria's mother had a hobby of putting captive people on various drugs during torture and writing down the results in her diary.
  • Liver used a defective strength enhancement drug as a last resort, which in returned poisoned his bloodstream. However, Liver synchronized it with his Teigu's trump card in order to redirect its effects onto his opponents.
  • During Team Stylish's assault on Night Raid's hideout, Dr. Stylish gave his subordinates an antidote to withstand his oxidized poison.
  • In the anime, Syura injected himself with an adrenaline boost which extended the use of Shambhala.
  • Group of Terror members were given regular drug injections and pills to enhance their physical abilities. Those were apparently addictive as Kurome had to continue to take drugs in the form of sweets even after leaving the group in order to maintain her health.
  • The Dark Squad leader Kylie later ingested a super enhancement drug that further enhanced his physical abilities beyond his natural maximum during his final battle against Akame, later showing that that drug successfully gave him abilities equivalent to the prodigal assassin and briefly hold his own against her.
    • Kurome later also acquired the same super enhancement drug during her own final duel against Akame, with the drug's effects having successfully strengthened Kurome's powers and abilities past their natural levels and successfully eclipsed her elder sister's natural born abilities. However, this came at the cost of already weakening her already weak constitution and later, when the drug's effects waned, Kurome's physical state dropped considerably to a level much worse than her original state.

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