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Dr. Stylish was a doctor and scientist in the service of the Empire as well as a member of the Jaegers.


Dr. Stylish was a tall and slim, young man with black hair and a small, white streak or patch of hair on the left side and blue eyes. He wore glasses, a yellow suit with a blue shirt, a tie and white lab coat.

After injecting himself with a serum, Dr. Stylish turned into an giant Danger Beast shaped like a headless, muscular torso with a mouth on his abdomen, black pants and spiky, grey hair. He also controlled the beast like a robot.

After absorbing Mimi, Me and Hana, Stylish's Danger Beast form was much bigger and his appearance now like a baby mannequin covered in green, steel armor with yellow pipes connected through its back and chest. A small, triangle-shaped hole in the forehead hid his real body and a large, red glass with long, black, needle-tipped, pipe-like antennas (which made the Danger Beast's eyes glow).


Dr. Stylish was obsessed with two things: his experiments and anything that he considered "stylish". His preoccupation with the latter is exemplified in the first meeting of the Jaegers, where he had Seryu scatter rose petals through the air as he entered the room. However, his main, overriding focus was on his experiments. He was shown to be both self-serving and duplicitous, going behind the backs of his superiors to obtain materials for his research (such as his attack on Night Raid) and conducting inhumane experiments in secret (the creation of the humanoid Danger Beasts). Additionally, he feigns sympathy for any of his test subjects that are injured and/or killed in his service, but in reality, he cares nothing for any of them, seeing them only as bodies to experiment on.

He has also been heavily hinted to be homosexual and enjoyed hitting on his fellow male Jaegers (except for Bols) and also offered his own test subjects "a night alone with him" if they did well.

He seemed to have been fairly well known and very well connected, having worked for several Imperial agencies over time. His contacts included the unnamed commander of the Assassination Squad Group of Terror, Captain Ogre of the Imperial Police, the Imperial spy Bolic, and the Prime Minister's son, Syura. Wild Hunt's Dorothea also came to the Empire with the sole purpose of meeting Stylish, but he had already perished by the time she arrived.


Akame ga Kill! Zero[]

Dr. Stylish was shown handing the Group of Terror's commander a vial of poison that would be used to help uncover spies hiding in the villages near the capital that once dropped into the Village Well and infected the surrounding area populace, it would then create similar symptoms to the Lubora virus that would last a few days before disappearing. Stylish and Bill then confirmed that this False Plague would scare the invading spies enough to cause them flee immediately the moment the fake Symptoms becomes widespread,giving the Assassination Squad the opening to kill them. He then demanded ten male prisoners in as payment in exchange for this drug.

While it wasn't shown, Stylish presumably conducted his experiments on humanoid Danger Beasts around that time. The subjects of this research were changed into mindless, flesh-eating monsters and confined in Stylish's hidden laboratory. There were also at least two research subjects that were turned into colossal versions of these creatures and were kept on an island far to the south-east of the Empire.

Stylish is also known to have done research on a blood sample from the leader of the Path of Peace (discovering that the man was half Danger Beast).

Stylish was also known to have been an acquaintance of Captain Ogre of the Imperial Police Guards, with him having agreed to perform several body enhancements and modification on Ogre's subordinate Seryu Ubiquitous thanks to Ogre's recommendation.

Dr. Stylish was also known to have also provided assistance and support for the other Assassination Units other than the Group of Terror, as seen where Suzuka of the Four Rakshasa Demons was able to get in contact with him to create a insecticide medicine concoction in order to counter the Wrigglers of Merraid Oarburgh during the operation to annihilate the Oarburgh Clan that was later given to Akame and Kurome of the Elite Seven to counteract the Wriggler Eggs planted inside them that was also later used by Suzuka herself by dosing herself in the Insecticide to protect herself from Cassandra's Wriggler attacks.

Akame ga Kill![]

When General Esdeath requested the formation of a new force of Teigu users to maintain order in the capital, Dr. Stylish was among those recruited for the group. Upon arriving at the designated meeting place he immediately took a liking to Wave, while deciding that Bols wasn't his type. As the newly-formed team headed out to meet The Emperor, Stylish suggested deciding upon its name, prompting Esdeath to do so.

Later, after Tatsumi was brought to the palace by Esdeath, the Jaegers' first big mission arrived: the elimination of a large group of bandits hiding near Gyogan Lake. During the ensuing battle Stylish didn't directly participate but was quick to boast that the weapons being used by Seryu were created by himself through the use of his Teigu. He then proceeded to show off his personal army of enhanced soldiers.

The next day, when Esdeath decides to take Tatsumi, Wave, and Kurome hunting at Mt. Fake, Dr. Stylish was shown eavesdropping on the conversation. After Tatsumi escapes he was among those that search Mt. Fake and its surrounding area for the missing boy. Although his minion Hana was able to pick up Tatsumi's scent trail he does not inform the other Jaegers, instead continuing to follow the trail with two more of his modified soldiers, Me and Mimi; eventually, they manage to find Night Raid's hideout.

Dr. Stylish then gathered the entirety of his personal army, Team Stylish, and directed them to attack, with the intention of capturing the assassins to use as his test subjects. Stylish professed supreme confidence in his strengthened soldiers, especially Kaku, equipped with the Teigu Extase, and Toby, whose whole body had been turned into a machine. However, as the battle continued, both Toby and Kaku were killed, prompting Stylish to retreat to the nearby mountain. He was interrupted by the arrival of Najenda riding an Air Manta.

As the assassins gathered outside of the hideout, Dr. Stylish used a paralyzing potion that incapacitated them, while leaving his army, who had the immunity, still operational. However, they were quickly obliterated by the newly-arrived Susanoo. Realizing that poison will not work on an organism-type Teigu, Dr. Stylish attempted to escape but was intercepted. Left with no choice, Stylish resorted to his second trump card: injecting himself with a serum that changed him into a huge Danger Beast, while also absorbing the last of own troops to further increase his power. While he was able to match Susanoo, Tatsumi and Akame managed to approach his real body, which allowed Akame to slash Stylish across the chest. As Murasame's poison took hold of his heart and he falls intro the floor, he lamented that he still had many human experiments that he wanted to do.


After Dr. Stylish assaults their hideout, Night Raid was forced to abandon it for the new one and spent about a month's time away from the Capital before returning to resume their missions.

Sometime after Stylish's defeat, Syura unleashed the humanoid Danger Beasts on the outskirt villages of the Empire. Several of these were later recaptured by the Jaegers for Prime Minister Honest while the rest were destroyed. These sample creatures would prove very useful to the Prime Minister, however, when Syura later brought the alchemist Dorothea to the Empire as part of Wild Hunt. Dorothea's original purpose in coming to the Empire was so that she could meet Dr. Stylish and see if his science and her alchemy could be combined. She was frustrated when she learned of his death but, after gaining the patronage of the Prime Minister, who had a workshop built for her and gave her one of the remaining Danger Beasts, she has stated that she would be able to research and use Stylish's techniques for herself, regardless.

Equipment and Skills[]


As a scientist, Dr. Stylish had incredible intelligence and powerful observational skills. He was the only member of the Jaegers to discern that Tatsumi's skill in combat was too high for him to be a simple blacksmith. He was a capable strategist as well, equipping several of his enhanced soldiers to combat specific enemies as well as preparing various hidden moves ahead of time.

Scientific Abilities[]

Stylish is renowned for his immense scientific and medical expertise, particularly the biology of both humans and Danger Beast, having performed numerous enhancements and body modifications to countless subjects such as Team Stylish and Seryu Ubiquitous. His expertise also extends to military technology, having created the “Judgment of the Ten Heavenly King” weapons for Seryu Ubiquitous’s personal use and modifed both her and her Teigu, Hekatonkheires, to use it. As noted by Mine, while not Teigu, each of the weapons of the Judgment of the Ten Heavenly King possessed immense firepower equivalent to a Teigu and as showcased by Seryuu, immense versatility, granting her multiple options for any battlefield.

As shown, he altered Kuro’s physical body in order to turn him into a sort of mobile storage for the weapons, being able to store them in the inside of his belly and then releasing them from his mouth. As shown, Kuro typically equips Seryu’s weapons by biting her robotic, prosthetic arms, allowing her to automatically switch between her weapons.

Stylish also possessed great skill in the creation of poisons, with one of his most powerful being an invisible, odorless gas that could paralyze even trained assassins.

Stylish was also noted to have been skilled in biological engineering, having been noted to have been responsible for creating an entirely new race or subrace of Danger Beasts that were known to be powerful enough to cause mass chaos across the Empire's Country Side and easily overpower the Imperial Army Soldiers without issue. Dr. Stylish was also responsible for bio-engineering and modifying all the members of Team Stylish to possess superhuman sense of smell, eye sight and hearing and increasing the physical abilities of his foot soldiers to possess immense physical durability, endurance, speed, strength and stealth above the level of average soldiers.

As seen while working with the Group of Terror, Stylish was also able to create a drug that simulated Lubora virus, that while causing the same symptoms of the virus and giving mild sickness to its victims, the effects would eventually disappear.

During his time working in partnership with the Four Rakshasa Demons and the Elite Seven, Stylish was also able to create a specially made insecticide chemical that was made using his scientific knowledge in tandem with his Teigu that was able to destroy the Wrigglers eggs implanted within Akame and Kurome when they went up against the Oarburgh Clan. The effects of the Insecticide itself was shown to have made them also immune to the effects of being implanted with even more eggs, as seen where after Merraid Oarburgh implanted some more into Akame during their duel, the eggs themselves did not hatch on command and was implied to have been destroyed the moment they entered into her body.

The same Insecticide was also shown to have the effects of repulsing the Wrigglers when doused on someone or something, this is seen during Suzuka's battle against Cassandra, where the Wrigglers avoided her on instinct despite Cassandra ordering them to attack her after she had doused herself in the insecticide.


Stylish was in possession of the Teigu "Perfector", a set of gloves that immensely increased the speed and dexterity of his fingers. This Teigu, along with Stylish's medical knowledge, enabled him to heal any injury, short of death itself. The Teigu was also the tool with which Stylish performed the enhancement surgeries on his minions and created the weapons known as the 'Judgment of the Ten Heavenly Kings' used by Seryu Ubiquitous. After Stylish's death the Teigu was taken by Night Raid who then sent it on to the Revolutionary Army's headquarters.


  • In some scenes, Stylish and his minions make various JoJo Poses.
  • Stylish had a hand in developing weapons for the imperial soldiers.
  • Stylish's Danger Beast form is a reference to the Apostles from Berserk.


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