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Doya was an assassin sent from the Northern Tribes. She wielded dual pistols as her main weaponry. Doya was killed by Kurome and her corpse was turned into a puppet under her command. She was later released from Yatsufusa's possession after its destruction.


Doya wore a brown hat, a vest which was joined by a red scarf, and boots which represented the southerner type of outfit. She also wore a gray, long-sleeved shirt underneath. Doya had a pale skin color while being a puppet under Kurome's command, and also had long, blonde hair and green eyes.


As mentioned by Kurome, she was a confident and cheerful person and she still exhibits her confidence, even as a corpse puppet.


During her lifetime, Doya was an assassin. At some point, she was killed by Kurome and turned into one of her corpse puppets.

During Night Raid's ambush in the valley, Doya was summoned to assist Jaegers in battle. She encounters Mine in a gunfight, but eventually got overpowered and lost the duel.

After Chelsea's failed attempt to assassinate Kurome, Doya, alongside Natala, were tasked with killing Chelsea. Doya managed to stop the escaping girl by shooting her from the back, destroying Chelsea's Teigu in the process, while Natala delivered the finishing blow by decapitation.

Her arms were cut off during the attack against Wild Hunt by Enshin and eventually, she was fitted with replacements from another corpse; however, they made her unable to use her original power.


Doya wields two handguns. She is shown to be an expert marksman and even was able to overwhelm Mine, a self-titled "genius marksman", for a considerable amount of time.

Because of her state as a resurrected puppet, she does not feel pain nor fatigue, enabling her to fight stronger opponents, such as Teigu users, without possessing a Teigu herself.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the anime, when Night Raid had infiltrated the church to kill Bolic, both Doya and Natala were quickly defeated after a mere single blow from Susanoo.

During Kurome's reunion with her elder sister, Doya and Natala were summoned to assist their master in her final battle against Akame. Midway through the fight, a giant Danger Beast emerged from beneath the church and started attacking the two. After Natala's demise at the hands of the behemoth, Doya came up close and attempted to gun the giant down before getting caught and crushed within its palm.


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