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This is a Teigu used by an unnamed member of the Teigu Troops.


The divination Teigu takes the form of a dark brown wand with green tips.

Divination Teigu User

The Divination Teigu with its user.


Bad Luck Divination[]

The Akame ga Kill! Official Guidebook says "Owned by the Revolutionary Army Headquarters, it is aware of the direction the enemy faces".

This Teigu was apparently able to predict Team Stylish's raid on Night Raid's base, with Najenda noting that its precision in its divination was incredibly accurate.


The Divination Teigu was used to predict "bad luck" in the direction of Night Raid's base, and that prediction was relayed to Najenda while she was in the Revolutionary Army's main headquarters. Shortly afterwards, Najenda returned to the base and witnessed Team Stylish's invasion, causing her to remark that the Teigu was "as fearsome as ever".

The divination Teigu's user appeared during the final battle with Esdeath and had it strapped on his hip while he was attacking Esdeath with his sword along with three other members of the Teigu Troops. However, all four were easily defeated and persumably killed by Esdeath.