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Demon God Manifestation: Demon's Extract was an Elemental-type Teigu that gave its users the ability to instantly freeze anything by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms, meaning they effectively make things colder. Users can also generate and manipulate ice. Its only known wielder was Esdeath.


Demon's Extract was created using the lifeblood of a super-class beast that lived in the Northern parts of the Empire. It was sealed off from all other Teigu due to the danger it posed to its potential users, as all who drank it went insane afterward. Esdeath was the only known user of this Teigu and had completely absorbed all the remaining blood into her body. When she died, Demon's Extract was destroyed.


It was speculated by Najenda to be the strongest of all the Teigu. Its physical form was a chalice full of blood, and once the blood was consumed, a tattoo appeared on the user's body. Esdeath assumed that the amount of blood that the user drank determined their level of power. Demon's Extract couldn't be removed once applied, and it also had a dangerous side effect: it caused the user to hear voices that drove them mad if they didn't possess a strong enough will to resist them. The user is able to completely freeze anything in an instant and is able to summon and manipulate ice, even without a nearby water source, the user is also rendered completely immune to harm from any temperature.

Esdeath used the Teigu to perform feats such as freezing an entire lake in an instant in order to use the frozen surface as a makeshift bridge. However, after she used her powers to this extent, she required time to rest before using them once again. She was also able to create large pillars of ice to throw at enemies with devastating results. 

As stated by Liver, Demon's Extract grants its user the ability to conjure and create ice out of nothingness instead of simply freezing and manipulating the water in the atmosphere.

Demon's Extract was one of the Teigu that possessed no Trump Cards, but Esdeath managed to create several on her own, a feat one would think to be impossible.

After the extermination of Wild Hunt, Esdeath created some new techniques. One of them was revealed to be the ability to fly. After she created ice around her wrists and ankles, she manipulated it in order to float.

During the final battle with Akame, Esdeath not only developed two more Trump Cards, but also used her ice to generate additional weapons, such as knives, swords of various lengths and thicknesses, and a massive Morningstar adorned with spikes, along with walls of ice. Esdeath also showcased more creative ice constructs, having been shown to create a giant, spiked battering ram made out of ice that she then used as her "blender" to butcher a rebel army by rotating it at high speed and later created a giant tree of ice capable of shooting large ice spike projectiles.

Esdeath also showed the ability to freely manipulate the temperature of her surroundings, with her having noted to gradually drop the temperature of the battlefield during her final battle against Akame and dealt gradual damage to her opponent.

She also used her Teigu in said fight for non-offensive purposes, such as generating an artificial arm made out of ice in order to replace a lost arm, and even create defensive shields, along with a giant suit of armor that she can quickly disembark from when needed.


  • Weissschnabel (ヴァイスシュナーベル, Vaisushunāberu; German for "White Beak"): The user creates several icicles from thin air and fires them at the target by a simple hand gesture.
  • Grauhorn (グラオホルン, Guraohorun; German for "Grey Horn"): The user creates a giant horn of ice from thin air to pierce their target.
  • Hagelsprung (ハーゲルシュプルング, Hāgerushupurungu; German for "Hail Crack"): The user creates a giant pillar of ice which looks like a piece of gigantic hail and throws it at their opponent to smash them.

Trump Card[]


  • Mahāpadma (摩訶鉢特摩マカハドマ, Makahadoma): The trump card of Demon's Extract which froze space and time. When used, space and time are frozen and only the user can move for short period of time. This ability was very taxing on its user and can only be used once a day. She originally developed this technique to prevent Tatsumi from escaping again after his escape at Mt. Fake. However, after Incursio adapted to its effect, he was able to move freely while this ability is active, though only for a moment.


  • Ice Cavalry ( 氷騎兵, Hyōkihei): The second trump card of Demon's Extract which created an army of ice centaur soldiers. When creating one soldier, Esdeath uses up a considerable amount of her power to create one and renders her weak and unable to use her Teigu for a whole day. However, once rested for about one day, Esdeath can once again use her powers and make another ice centaur soldier with little trouble.
  • Ice Storm Commander-In-Chief (氷嵐大将軍, Hyōran Daishōgun): The third trump card of Demon's Extract which created a "Russian winter" and was capable of covering large portion of the Empire itself in a tundra of ice and snow, effectively covering over half a continent. This ability was so powerful that Esdeath herself was now stated to be a Natural Disaster with a consciousness and giving her the power to butcher perhaps millions of people if allowed to continue.

Abilities Gallery[]


  • All named attacks are in German, except for the trump card which is something she herself noted.
  • Mahāpadma is the name of one of the cold Narakas, specifically the deepest one, its name literally meaning "the great lotus". Its inhabitants are exposed to cold so intense that their flesh, as well as internal organs, crack open, causing them to bleed out; they are healed afterward and the cycle is repeated endlessly.
  • Due to the anime deviating from the manga (as the manga was still running at the time), Mahāpadma is the only trump card of Demon's Extract in the anime. Also, a number of abilities and techniques Esdeath created in the manga do not appear in the anime at all.
  • The word "es" in Esdeath's name is "ice" in the Indonesian language, meaning Esdeath's name itself foreshadows her Teigu's ability and is also a multilingual pun; "Es desu" translates as "this is ice".


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