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The Dark Squad Supervisor was the superior of the Dark Squad group.


The supervisor was an elderly man similar to Honest. He has a white beard with very bushy eyebrows and a mustache. He wore a hooded robe and had a small sword on the right side of his belt.


The Supervisor seemed to be obsessed with Warumo, as he was truly pained when someone dies, to the point that he became quite angry with the Dark Squad after their failure against the revolutionaries.


He was the superior of the Dark Squad during an unknown period. He first appeared screaming in panic after discovering that Warumo died, mourning his death and lamenting that he died after the promising future that lay ahead of him, being informed by a soldier that Akame had been the one who had killed him.

He later ordered a Dark Squad attack on one of the Revolutionary Army camps, alongside Kurome, who had come to help her former comrades. The attack was a failure thanks to the presence of Akame and Leone, which resulted in the death of the squad leader, Kylie.

After the failed attack, the Supervisor appeared furious before his subordinates, insulting them and promising that they would pay dearly for his failure. Esdeath appeared in that moment and kills the Supervisor by kicking his head repeatedly, resulting in his decapitation.