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Kurome with other members of Dark Squad

The Dark Squad (ダークスクワッド, Dāku Sukuwaddo) is a special unit of assassins for the Empire. Every member of the group uses performance-enhancing drugs. Kurome was once a member of this group until she was reassigned to the Jaegers.


As implied during the events of Akame ga kill Zero, the Dark Squad was the newly-created squad made after the disbandment's of the Group of Terror and the Elite Seven, where due to the deaths of Uncle Bill and his assistant who supervised the Group of Terror and Gozuki, who supervised the Elite Seven, the unit was taken over by a new leader and maintained the use of Bill's drug technology to continue training new assassin recruits after a majority of the original members of the Group of Terror and Elite Seven died.

The Dark Squad was shown to use the same methods of the Group of Terror by using drug enhancements to boost the physical abilities and powers of its members and the usage of drug doping on the field during assignments to boost their strengths mid battle until its members either died in the line of duty or were deemed to weak due to the toll on their bodies of their drug enhancements and doping and "scrapped".

Much like their predecessor units, the Dark Squad was primarily deployed in order to eliminate any spark of rebellious elements anywhere within the Empire before they erupted into a full-blown uprising. An example of this is seen when they were sent to eliminate a village that has been trading with neighboring countries between the borders of the Empire due to them suspecting them of providing assistance to enemy countries. Having succeeded in slaughtering the village’s entire population, leading to innocent men, women, elderly and children being killed without mercy.

Kurome herself was stationed within this squad after the disbandment of her previous teams, before she was reassigned to the Jaegers formed by Esdeath.

Later on, they were given the task to assassinate the key officers of the Revolutionary Army within their camps during the march on the Imperial Capital, but Akame had managed to take down the majority of them after intercepting them in their tracks.

The surviving members retreated back to the safety of the Capital where they were met with harsh criticism from their Supervisor. Following his order to escort the remaining members to the torture chamber, Esdeath killed the supervisor for his careless actions and took the Dark Squad under her watch.

Following the final battle between the rebels and the Empire, Esdeath placed the Dark Squad in charge of the Capital's safety as well as to exterminate any spies that attempt to incite chaos amongst the citizens in order to open the gates from inside.

In the end, all the remaining members of the Dark Squad were either killed by the Shikoutazer's onslaught or executed by the rebels for their heinous crimes.


Former Members[]

Deceased members[]

  • Unnamed Supervisor † (Killed by the Jaegers' Esdeath)
  • Kylie † (Leader; Killed by Night Raid's Akame)
  • Natala † (Mortally wounded by unknown Revolutionary Army soldier and killed by Kurome)
  • Mile † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Cena † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Rico † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Joe † (Euthanized by the Empire)
  • Unknown Members † (Killed by the Revolutionary Army, Night Raid's Akame, and/or Shikoutazer's onslaught)