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Daniel (ダニエル, Danieru) was a butler of the Oarburgh clan.


Daniel was an old man with white hair and a short moustache. He wears an black suit and tie.


Daniel was a gentle and calm person. Merraid trusted Daniel due to his mild manners.


Before events of Akame ga Kill!:Zero, Daniel fell in love with Babara.

After Taeko and Babara’s death, Daniel (along with the other members of Oarburgh clan) arrived to eliminate the Elite Seven. Before the ambush on the Elite Seven, Daniel, with Merraid kidnapped Akame, Kurome and Natala. After the fight, Daniel noticed that Akame's katana wasn't a normal weapon (he thought that weapon was a Teigu).

Daniel's Death

On the beginning first battle with Elite Seven Daniel fought with Green. When Daniel nearly killed his opponent; Poney and Tsukushi arrived. He defended against Poney’s attacks but he couldn't read Prometheus’ bullet. The bullet hit Daniel's head, which killed him. 

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