Danger Beasts (危険種, kikenshu, lit. "danger species"), sometimes also referred to as Risk Species, are fearsome creatures in the world of Akame Ga Kill!. They are extremely hostile and will attack any human who dares to wander into their territory. Due to the increasing number of Danger Beasts, groups dedicated to hunting them were formed; the Partas Clan was one of such groups. Esdeath was born into this clan, her father being the Chief.

Some Danger Beasts' body parts have been used in the production of TeiguShingu, and Meihou, utilizing the unique qualities the Danger Beast had in life to imbue a piece of equipment with powers. Notable examples include Demon's Extract, which used the blood of a rare Danger Beast able to manipulate Ice, Incursio's invisibility from the Tyrant's natural defense or Cross Tail, whose threads are made from the fur of a Super-Class Danger Beast. 

The most powerful Danger Beasts are categorized as "Super Class." These beasts are known to be extremely dangerous. It is unknown which criteria need to be fulfilled by a Danger Beast to be placed into to the "Super Class." It can be assumed that "Super Class" Danger beasts are very rare and many were killed because of the threat they pose.

Danger Beasts can also be created artificially. While the details of this process are unknown, Dr. Stylish was known to conduct experiments which resulted in the creation of new species of Danger Beasts. These new beasts were noted to have a humanoid look. Another case of relations between humans and Danger Beasts is the mixed heritage of The Path of Peace's leader. He apparently receives unique abilities from his Danger Beast heritage, while looking like an ordinary human. The details of his birth, however, are unknown.

Those who own the blood of Danger Beasts through heritage can receive a special trait. Yomihime, for example, has a Danger Beast's blood running in her veins. This allows her to use fire, albeit unlike The Path of Peace's leader, she was unable to master it completely. While the Lord can foresee the future and heal others, Yomihime can use fire.

There are also those who are capable of taming and controlling Danger Beasts through the use of techniques or Teigu; Merraid Oarburgh being a good example.

Danger Beasts in some countries have different names to refer to then, like in the Soukai Nation. Danger Beasts are called Freaks by the population. However, they held technologies that allow such a country to forge a Meihou.

Classes of Danger Beasts

Danger beasts are divided into 6 classes:
  1. Class 4.
  2. Class 3.
  3. Class 2.
  4. Class 1.
  5. Special Class.
  6. Super Class.
"Class 4" being the weakest and "Super Class" the strongest.

Classified dangerous beasts

Class 3:

Marg Panther Cub

Gifnora Dog


Class 2:


Flying Death


Marg Falcon

Marg Condor

Tree Beast

Land Tiger

Stone Beast

Class 1:

Earth Dragon

Marg Don

Special Class:

Air Mantas




Kaiser Frog   Hell Jurassic


The Lord

Evil Bird

Super Class:

Death Tagool


Unnamed Danger Beast whose fur was used to make Cross Tail's threads

Unclassified Danger Beasts

Here is a list of Danger beasts that their classification is currently unknown, rather they were shown or only mentioned in the series.

  • Giant Centipede
  • Wrigglers
  • King Gappi.
  • Umibouzu

Known individual Danger Beasts

Known species

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